Saturday, July 10, 2010



We counted.  Between the FIVE of us (Rob, Julia, Ben, Elijah and AARON), we will be flying on 12 different planes.  We have one down.  Eleven more to go.  Can I just say for the record that I don't particularly enjoy the seats on a plane.  A bit like sitting in a dentist's chair.  You have to be there but you would really rather be anywhere else.  I also have to say for the record that I am a lousy sleeper.  Lousy.  Last night our air conditioning unit in the upstairs went on the blink.  It's a bit hot in Virginia right now so sleeping upstairs was not an option.  I had been looking forward to one last night in my comfy bed before the next six weeks where getting a good night's sleep will be one of my biggest personal challenges! 

     Not to be.... we camped out in the family room.  I didn't get much sleep last night.  Oh well, I'm just started a day early on the 'struggle to sleep' part of this trip. 

     This morning we flew from Richmond (VA) to Chicago where I am typing this.  This afternoon we will fly to Dusseldorf, Germany and after that... Aaron's country.  With time changes and what not - it will take us 26 hours from start to finish... A whirlwind of stuff awaits us on the other side. 

     One of the best parts of this trip will be the opportunity to meet other Reece's Rainbow families who are already there and who are in different stages of their adoptions.  We were having fun trying to figure out who we may see in the next few days in the capital city.  I am so hoping to see some of the children who are on their way home.  I know that we will be getting together with the other family that is coming in tomorrow!  Our SDA appointments are only a day apart.  We will be the newbies on the block.

     One special highlight for us - we carry in our bags a very special pack of papers.  The dossier for the adoption of one precious little girl who happens to live in Aaron's country.  I LOVE that I am a very small part of someone else's adoption.  I am guarding these papers with my life!!  Hopefully their dossier will be submitted quickly and they can get their little one soon!!  This is the ONE picture they have of her...

     LOOKING AHEAD...If all goes well - on Thursday - we will meet Aaron for the first time.  He does NOT know we are coming.   It is not going to come soon enough...


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  1. My heart is so anxious and happy to read your journey! And you and Rob both are fabulous writers. Not many people have been able to explain how we got to the Cold war but I am so clear on it now! I cant wait to see how the next day turns out...and the next and the next. You are a saint in my book for adding the stress of carrying my dossier to your list of concerns and I would be totally remiss if I did not thank you a zillion times. It was not about saving the money, it was about knowing it was carried in love across the waters. THanks to you and your family. Going to add a small fan to our list of things to bring now... Cathy


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