Tuesday, August 31, 2010


    Want to know what Aaron can do?

He can write the first letter of his name....
 No it is not an A. 
 It is a B.   
 Aaron's real name isn't Aaron. 
His real name doesn't even start with a B either. 
How's that for confusing? 
He is called by a nickname (Like Rob to Robert). 

 The first letter of that nickname is a B but it doesn't sound like a B.... but I digress....

     After one try - Aaron wrote the first letter of his name..... 
 The first letter is mine - the second two are his...



  1. That's pretty amazing! He might join the mouth- and foot-painters once home! I'm amazed at what he can do with his feet! I hope you live in a warm place, so that he'll be able to use his feet in his daily life. I mean, imagine wearing sturdy shoes on your hands :-)

    So his nickname starts with a V :-)

  2. That is fantastic..iam praying that things will go well in court..

  3. I thought you were going to say the third one was Rob's...... :-) Hurry home with Aaron who isn't Aaron....oh, I'm so confused.....

  4. On a serious note, with the tail on that B, I wonder if he has something akin to the German 'es tset' (double 'S') in his alphabet....

  5. What, you mean you haven't learned your Ukrainian yet? Your time is running out! Better get crack-a-lack-in! Aaron...or what's-his-name, is amazing. But you already knew that!

  6. Did you write your "B" with your foot Julia???

  7. That's just pretty good!!

    Our Dd was to have been sent to an institution--she had only about two more weeks before she was declared "undadoptable" and sent there when we found out about her . . . and she's doing extremely well academically. ;-)

  8. The B in Ukrainian is the V sound in English. The symbol that looks like a lower case b with the top bent over is a b sound in English.

    Is he speaking Russian or Ukrainain?

    Our daughter spoke both and was learning her alphabet in both. They are slightly different;
    such as cik and cok (juice in Ukrainian or Russian). Russian has no i.

    When we were in the stores, every other juice container was arranged to see both. I wonder how long before Ukraine goes back to speaking Ukrainian all the time? It wasn't that long ago that the official language was Russian.

    Nice printing!

  9. Wow, that boy is going to blow you all away with what he can do!

    So, are you keeping his name? I don't think you've ever said.....?

    Thinking of you :)

  10. HOLY crackers!!! What a smart little guy you have there!!! Go B go!!! :)

  11. You know, each time I read a new adoption story, it's like reading a very interesting book. Each page becomes more interesting than the one before. Yours is no different- especially after you told about the little frightened boy you returned to. I can't wait for each new update- learning about Aaron and to see how the Lord is leading you with him. May each new day be better than the day before!


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