Thursday, September 2, 2010

Announcements and Such...

We interrupt our daily Aaron announcements for an Elijah announcement! Last night Elijah earned his First Class Rank Advancement for Boy Scouts and a whole mess of other merit badges. I am so sorry I missed standing up there to take part in his achievement. He loves all things having to do with the Boy Scouts. We are so proud of him. I’ve got a lot of sewing to do when I get back home!!

Note to self (Julia writing) - I am NOT in Mexico, Belize, Germany or America so using Creole, German, Spanish or English will NOT help anyone to understand me! I confess. I am lousy at this language thing. Rob is increasing his vocabulary by the hour, but I am getting so confused I hardly know what end is up. I know that English is not an option, and I have learned a few polite phrases in Aaron’s language, but find myself either mixing the phrasing up (saying thank you for hello which is quite embarrassing) or accidentally using another language that gets lodged in my head.  Fortunately the people here are very forgiving.  Some of them are even working on learning some polite English phrases.  Considering that we are the very first Americans ever to stay in this village - that is saying something!

     We have seven more days until court.  Please be in prayer for the hearts of all those who will be involved in the proceedings.  Especially pray for Aaron.  It is hard to imagine how scary it will be for him to have to attend court with us.   Our visits are going well.  He is obviously happy to see us each day and has gotten used to being carried by Rob and being showered with kisses by his annoying Mama.   We struggle to keep him occupied.  If he had his way he would sit up at the gate and watch the cars and trucks go by.  His other favorite pastime is to watch the men working on the grounds, especially when they are loading and unloading the trucks.  Both of these activities are fine with us but cause discomfort for the staff so we are forced to try to limit him.  We can't wait for the day when he can observe the happenings of the world without restraint!


  1. Will be praying. I am so glad to see the progress and attachment. It's all good!

  2. He just looks like he belongs in Rob's arms, and well, he does :) Still praying for you. Hoping you all three get to come home soon.

  3. Way to go Elijah!!!!!! And don't worry abt the's not much of a ceremony...these are adolescent boys, and there's cookies in the's more gimmie my stuff, let me say the scout oath and law, and chow down!


  4. So glad the visits with Aaron are going well! I pray the time goes very quickly for you guys and that hearts are being softened even as I write this!

    Keep on fighting the good fight!


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