Sunday, September 12, 2010

In which Perry takes a break

(Rob writing)

No, we didn't get into trouble. But after a couple of wise friends reminded us that the court decree isn't final until Monday September 20, we decided that in their exuberance, Perry and Julia were being overly indiscreet. Perry and Julia's story has been carefully preserved, and will return when matters are more fully settled.

If you were enjoying this series, then you may finally understand why some of us were so upset when they cancelled Star Trek. No, I'm not old enough to remember, but the astonishing stupidity of that decision still burns me.


  1. Geez. And I suppose not even any re-runs until next season. Bummer. Better safe than sorry, as my mom always says. Looking forward to more episodes, but looking forward even more to the safe travels home of the three currently-overseas Nalles. I am you have permission now to take him during the day from the institution? Can he be more free to perhaps travel around his village and see some local sights and experience some local experiences?

  2. : ) Glad I've been following along regularly! And glad you didn't get in "trouble"


  3. I definitely agree with the Star Trek thing-but when I see William Shatner these days, I think it may have been a wise decision after all!


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