Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When Rob and I were in Aaron's country, over the course of our 3 month adventure, we had the privilege of meeting quite a few other Reece's Rainbow families.  One family we met for but a brief time was the Parker family.  They are trying to adopt two precious Down Syndrome girls, Bethany and Hannah. 

They had court.  The judge granted them the girls.  Charley went home and Kate has been waiting out the 10-day waiting period so that she can finish the paper chase and bring the girls home.  This is the easy part.  They are in the home stretch.  Unfortunately the Parkers just slammed into a huge brick wall.  The prosecutor has decided to appeal their adoption.  He doesn't think that they can handle two more children since they already have seven other children.   This appeal could take months to process.  Kate may have to go home without the girls. 

Please, please pray for the Parkers.  They are devastated.  We know in a very real way how they are feeling at this moment.  We know how confused and helpless and frantic are their pleas before the throne.  Kate is by herself and desperately needs to know that she is not alone.  Please pray.  Please pray that the prosecutor's heart would soften and that the appeal would not go forward.  Please also support them by going to their blog and posting comments, verses, prayers and words of encouragement.  THEIR LINK IS HERE.  Please pray - please give support.  They need thousands of bowed heads surrounding them as they process this news today.  They need to know we are out there.  My heart aches for them.  It aches that two precious babies are left hanging in the balance.  It just aches.


  1. Committing to injustice is this juzge!
    l`m outraged !!!!



  2. Julia, are hearts are so encouraged by the support of God's people as they pray for our situation.

    I need to correct two things, though ~ Charley did not go home for the 10-day wait. We are both here in Odessa. Also, the prosecutor is a woman, not a man. Her reasons for appealing the judge's decision are that we have 7 children at home, our house is not big enough (it's 2400 square feet on 3/4 acre, but she thinks the girls should have their own bedrooms) and we rent our house (she thinks it shows we are unstable since we don't own a house).

    Thank you for asking people to pray. In the midst of this storm, Charley and I feel peace and we will continue to trust God and praise Him because He has this... He's got it all worked out, and we are believing we WILL bring Bethany & Hannah home.

  3. Not again! It seems like things are just getting harder and harder. Judges and prosecutors are hearing stories of kids mistreated over here, and then that plays into their decisions. There was a family in Colorado that adopted 2 babies with DS a few years back and the mom snapped and one of the babies lost their life. :( It makes you wonder if these situations don't then come back to reflect in the minds of those involved and they project something that has nothing to do with you, onto your situation, and then..... trouble. UGH...

  4. Wow! How devastating this has to be for them. Will pray for Kate, Charlie, and their girls as she sits alone so far from home. Please pray for my daughter Ashli as she has her SDA appointment tomorrow. Everyone works so hard to get to this point.

    The pictures of Aaron with your other boys is priceless!!

  5. Hi Julie,

    I've chosen you to be one of the recipients of the Sunshine Award: http://gotdownsyndrome.blogspot.com/2010/10/31-for-21-sunshine-award_06.html


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