Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Outing

     We took Aaron on his first outing on Saturday.  Each year our dinky little county celebrates "Old Farm Day".  We figured that since it would be outside (Aaron is not ready to go into buildings at this point), and he would see a whole host of his favorite things (trucks and tractors), that he would enjoy himself.

Getting ready...

You have to wonder what was going through his little mind!

Heaven on earth!

He would have ridden on this all day!!

Sitting in the fire truck.

Looking for the car after a long day...

One very tired little boy!

For his first outing, it was overall a good day, though he did have a few meltdowns and shed a few tears.  He didn't like the crowds and was happiest when he got to lead our group.  When Ben and Elijah left to find their friends he was a bit upset.  He was not impressed with the All American Hot Dog stand, choosing to eat a bag of Lays Potato Chips for lunch.   At the institute, for snack, they sometimes gave the boys the rotten apples that fell off the trees.   I found the practice a bit stomach turning.  At Old Farm Day, Aaron got to eat his first ripe apple.  It was much harder for him to bite and chew but he definitely enjoyed it. 


  1. I just want to say how sweet it is to read about Aaron finally home after following your story and praying for you through the summer. Please continue the updates!

  2. I have been following your journey for weeks and weeks. My son is adopted too, but from the States (he is three and has AMC). Well, I am actually in the process of adoption but it feels final to me. Aaron is beautiful and is indeed a blessed little fellow. May he continue to grow in wisdom, stature, in favor with God and man and strong in spirit. The Lord has unique plans for him. My favorite picture of him is the profile picture in the car on his "gotcha" day. The look on his face is priceless. Diana

  3. That face he is making on the tractor. SUCH a BOY! It's so funny.

    and the picture of his grin while he's in the truck? Priceless

  4. I stil can't get over the fact that he is HOME

  5. Well, I used to read your blog first thing in the morning while I drank my coffee. Now I read it as I lay in my bed before I go to sleep.
    He is just such a beautiful child. My daughter still has "episodes" and she was only in the orphanage for 2 years. He is doing so well.
    I wanted to tell you, everytime I see that picture of him sitting in the car as your leaving the Desky Dom, I well up with tears, I can just feel a hint a what he must be feeling.

  6. Ya know, these posts are my favorite, it is eye opening (and heart opening) to read about all the things Aaron has to figure out. I've been to other countries with completely different cultures than the US, and I did NOT handle it as well as he is, that is extremely humbling and twinges my conscience a bit when I remember the absolute FIT I had in a Brazilian airport about 7-8 years ago (let's just say if you have a very strong sense of justice, Brazil might not be the place for you to visit outside of the resorts) We're praying for you and yours every night, your patient love is extremely inspiring and wonderful to see and read :)

  7. Happens by Aaron head with so many changes?
    Have only 6 years......
    Illusion Aaron bring me something simbolic of mi country!!!
    Chose a very good football team!


  8. Such a blessing, a boy and his machina! We are SO happy that you are home. Please keep us informed as to his medical needs.....many of us are in the wings ready to help!!!!

  9. As I looked at that last photo, where he is asleep, I thought about how many times I have looked with love at my own little guys fast asleep, and I just rejoiced in my heart that now Aaron, too, has someone who counts him special and looks at him with tenderness and love.
    How heartbreaking that so many little people do not have what ours can take for granted.....

  10. Man I hate that the poor kid never has any fun:) I totally loved the picture of him riding in the 55 gallon barrel train. How hilarious is that thing?! I would say that I imagine you wouldn't see that sort of thing around here but that would be a fat lie. Love the pics Julia. Amazing life. Amazing Grace.


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