Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 Days

    Gavin has a little over 400 dollars in his Angel Tree fund for his adoption.  I have 31 days to get that amount up to 1,000.00 dollars.  We donated to his fund... will you?  I bet if Gavin had 20,000 in his fund a family would jump at the chance to adopt him.   Come on - every single 5.00 bill gets Gavin one step closer to finding a family.  The Angel Tree family for Tristan, (Gavin's buddy at the orphanage), is working towards getting 20,000 into his account!!  That just makes me heart sing!  But yikes... I'm being left in the dust!!  Help!!

     Okay - so here's the truth - I'm lousy at fundraising.  I confess.  I hate begging for money.  I am not craftzy and can't sew worth a darn, so selling handmade stuff is not an option.  No one would want to buy my baked goods (although Aaron thinks they are quite delicious) so baking pies is not going to work.   We cleaned out our house to raise money for Aaron so a yard sale wouldn't generate beans.  What to do... what to do...

    I can sell books.  Just yesterday I made 18.00 selling some books on-line that Rob's niece gave me.  Hurrah!!  18.00 dollars for Gavin!  Here's how I did it... I took the books and I went to
THIS WEBSITE  I plugged in the ISBN number of that book and they let me know if they would take it or not.  The really valuable books she gave me I actually listed on Amazon.com in hopes that someone would buy them but the nickel and dime books - I made 18.00 off those books that normally I would have discarded.  They were the ones that I would have thrown away.  After I went through the pile of books, agreed to sell the books they agreed to buy, filled out a very easy form, let them know that I wanted payment through Paypal - then printed the shipping label BECAUSE THEY PAY ALL SHIPPING FEES - boxed the books together and taped the shipping label to the top - I was done.  After they get the books - they will credit my Paypal and I will put that money in Gavin's account.  Easy. 

     Try it.  Pull some books off your shelf and see if they will sell.  (Textbooks are the BEST).  Dump them in a box, send them off and donate the money to Gavin or another child!  Every single nickel helps.  I was so excited to make 18.00 dollars for Gavin yesterday.  Ben told me (wisely) not to tell too many people because it won't last long.  How can I not share though??  How about we keep it a secret within the adoption world???  Sell your books - donate your money and maybe, just maybe the little ones on the Reece's Rainbow website will find families.  Shhh....  (If you live in my area - bring me your books and I will sell them for you!!)

     Gavin turns six in a few months.  He is going to be transferred soon.  PLEASE.... He is an absolute sweetheart.  His caretakers LOVE him.  He needs a Mama and a Papa.  He doesn't need to spent the rest of his life sitting in a shed with nothing to do.  PLEASE.  Someone out there jump off the cliff and go get Gavin... or  Brady... or Heath.... Little boys - so desperate for families.  They need Pooh Bears and clean sheets and train tracks and balls and presents under the Christmas tree.  They need brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and grandmom's who spoil them rotten.  They need trips to the ocean to play in the sand.  They need to hear the stories of Jesus so they can grow up to love Him with all their hearts and souls and minds.  PLEASE!  Who will tell them if someone doesn't go get them?

So Donate - Pray - and PLEASE search your hearts.  The Lost Boys are waiting.  They are not in a Neverland of fun and games.  They are not battling Hook on pirate ships.  They are Lost.  They are Lonely.  They are dying in their cribs and wasting away in orphanages and institutes.  Consider - just consider - sprinking on some fairy dust - flying across the ocean and rescuing one, or two so they can go home - where they belong.


  1. Julia, maybe if you ask at your lcoal thrift stores they would send some books your way?? I know at least at some thrift stores they end up throwing books away at times . . . ??? Also if your neighbors knew maybe they would have some to share with you. I love how God provides in unexpected ways for the children who need homes! Sent a bit to help . . . wish it could have been more, but I know all helps! God bless you, friend, as you fight with all your might for the children who need advocates! You have a powerful voice!

  2. Praying for you and your efforts to help precious Gavin! I know exactly how you feel- it's not easy being a Christmas Warrior when you're no good at fundraising :-/ Good idea you came up with, though.

    Love the photos in your last post. Got a few of the kind myself, trying to make four kids look good at the same time is some task! :)

  3. Julia, you might not be a good fundraiser, or cook or you might not be able to sew well or make crafty things to sell,
    you have a way to use words and write things. You are like a seasoned artists, a master, painting a picture for the world to enjoy, but you're brush is the words you weave together so crafty.With the things you write, we feel what you have felt and we can 'see" some of the things that you describe. With that being said, do you know if paypal deducts money with donations smaller that $10?

  4. Thank You for sharing that site!
    God Bless,

  5. what a great idea. I homeschool my children and have lots of books I have tried to sell but haven't been able to. This will be a great way to help the Reeces Family I have been trying to raise money for. I tried entering my adopted daughter in one of those cute kids photo contest but we didn't get enough votes to win. So I will sell books now. Anything I donate to Reeces my husband's company will match. If people work for a large company they should ask it theirs will do the same. God Bless you for your efforts.


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