Wednesday, November 3, 2010


About a year ago, I learned about a ministry that identifies and advocates for special needs children who are stuck in orphanages and institutes in Eastern Europe and Asia.  REECE'S RAINBOW.  I was touched by this ministry.  I didn't have a pull to go GET ONE of those children - NOT for us.  We weren't going to adopt internationally.  Not!  Special needs - NO WAY!  But I realized that this was a Christian ministry worth donating towards.  So I happily picked two little guys off the ANGEL TREE and gladly put money into their accounts.  A worthy ministry.  I did my part.  Pat myself on the back!  Goal accomplished. 

A year later - we now have a Reece's Rainbow child sleeping in our house.  Our lives have been forever changed.

So...when RR was looking for families to sponsor children off this year's Angel Tree...we raised our hands.  Our two boys from a year ago, (Emory and Artem K) already had sponsors so we asked for a child who is close to transfer.  A little guy who's clock is ticking unless someone goes and gets him.  We were given Gavin. 

His picture is lousy and sadly that often makes the difference in whether these children are selected by families.  In real life - he is a cute little guy with a great personality.  He is well-loved by his caretakers at his orphanage.  They desperately want to see him find a home before he is transferred.  We know what transferring means.  We have seen it up close and personal.  It just plain stinks.  Please help us out so that Gavin doesn't suffer what Aaron went through.  We are trying to raise 1,000.00 for Gavin's account.  We are also praying that Gavin finds a family.  Please look beyond his lousy picture (can I volunteer to be the photographer??) and see the precious treasure behind his grimace!  Please help keep him from being another Lost Boy.  Any donation will do.  From $1.00 to $1,000.00 is fine with us!  If you give $35.00 or more, you will receive a Christmas ornament with Gavin's picture on it.  You can hang it on your Christmas tree and join your prayers with ours that next year, he will be opening gifts instead of sitting in a place of no return.

P.S. For those who wonder why we aren't sponsoring Brady and Heath; since they are older - they do not have individual accounts.  They are not on the Angel Tree.  The sad reality is that once the children reach a certain age and are transferred, their chances of being adopted decrease considerably.  So Reece's Rainbow has one account for the older boys and one for the older girls.  Each time an older child is picked, whatever is in that account goes to that child.  This allows for larger grants but it prevents being able to make donations towards individual children.  So Brady and Heath need families first and THEN we will do whatever we can to help those families raise the funds they need to bring those boys home!


  1. OH Sweet Gavin!!!!! We think he is Sooo Beautiful!!! We check his picture often! My husband and I are adopting Charlene and Ryan with HIV (13). My husband has slowly become more open to the idea of adopting a child with down syndrome. Gavin has my heart, but sadly he is not in the same region as our two kiddos. I just want to scoop him up and cuddle and kiss him and make him laugh and smile!!! We have been giving a lot to other adoption funds, but now are in a crunch to finish getting our own funding finished up for our adoption!!! Starting to get Really nervous about it! We just need our medical forms and our I-171H to send our Dossier!!! Eeeeeek!!! We have prayed about this though and feel peace in donating to Gavin for the Angel Tree! This precious, beautiful angel boy Just HAS to find a family before he is transferred!!! He just has too!!! We are Praying fervently for Gavin!!!

    God Bless!
    Candice Eichhorn

  2. Thank you for being a voice for our kiddos. So many people look up to you (I know I do) because you listened to God's calling even when most of us would have run and hide from all that pain. I can't give any money to Gavin from this paycheck but I promise to next Friday. I felt such guilt not being a Christmas warrior this year but I am working so hard to bring Paisley home. Thinking of you, praying for your family.

  3. Anyone with even a smidge of imagination could see that Gavin's an adorable boy. Thanks for sponsoring him!

  4. He looks so sweet and I can almost feel that fuzzy head of his!!

  5. Thank you for being a voice for these boys- and for the opportunity to help.



Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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