Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hemmed In

I can always get Aaron to pose when he has a Monster Truck on his shirt!!

You have searched me, LORD, and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely.
You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.
Psalm 139: 1-5

     Hemmed in.  By God.  What an amazing concept.  I've been spending a lot of time considering this over the last few days.  I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can definitely figure out how well hemmed in God has me.  Behind and before.  Surrounded.  He knows me.  My heart, my feeble words, all my ways.  Nothing passes His eyes.  He's got me.  He's holding our family.  In the midst of our struggle to take one single day at a time, without panicking about what is coming around the corner - He has us.  How do I know?  Because we have been overwhelmed with God's Amazing Grace through the kind words, encouragement, prayers and love from so many.  Our e-mail box has been filled to overflowing, the comments and facebook messages have poured in and many have taken the time to call and encourage.  Thank you.  Thank you for hemming us in.  Thank you for coming alongside us and keeping us company as we pray and wonder and struggle through this season.  We are still struggling.  We have no easy answers and our prayers have not magically removed all of our worries.  Right now we are taking one very careful, fearful step after another in this walk of faith.  We are weak and frail and so very needy.  But God has us.  He does.  And so we step out in faith.  Trusting.  Believing.  Whispering prayers.  Hoping.  Held.  Hemmed in. 

     Dear Brady.  The picture I posted of dear little Brady solicitated a host of responses.  It was a Lost picture of a group of Lost boys.  I didn't even know I had it until Thursday morning.  Hearts have stirred because of Brady's story - because of Aaron's story.  I am in awe. God IS moving and I thank you for every story, every testimony that has been sent our way in the last 48 hours to clue us in as to HOW He has moved and is moving.   Please pray.  Pray for all those who are struggling, considering and seeking out God's heart for their families.  Please pray because so many are wrestling with the issue of adoption, not just for Brady (and yes there are those who DESPERATELY need our prayers as they make THAT decision) but for the other children who are out there in need of homes.  We have received a number of requests from people asking for prayers for their families as they pray and consider.  I am humbled and honored to receive each request, and yes, I will pray for each and every family that asks. 

     We traveled to Shriner's yesterday (Philadelphia).  It was a hard but good visit.  Aaron was amazing except when the Doctor's tried to examine him, but they bought him off with presents, so he left happy.  For those who don't know, Aaron has arthrogryposis.  He is affected in all four of his limbs.  We had the opportunity to meet with both the doctor who treats the lower limbs and the doctor who treats the upper limbs.  We were beyond impressed with both of them and are grateful that we live within reasonable driving distance in order for Aaron to receive treatment under them.  Okay - 5 hours through DC, Baltimore and Philly is not ideal but at least it is doable.

     We both shed tears during the day.  I couldn't help but cry for all that Aaron lost by not having therapy and intervention for the past 6 years.  But I also cried because I felt surrounded by the people in that hospital.  Their care and concern for Aaron was evident from the minute we walked into the building.   It made me cry.  I confess.  I was a bit of a weepy mess most of the day. 

     Instead of beginning treatment right away, we are taking a few months to just relax and bond with our sweet boy before we start tackling his medical issues.  In January we will begin treatment of his feet (serial casting).  They are the easiest to fix and will increase his quality of life drastically as the issue of constantly falling will finally be resolved.  This process will take 2-3 months of weekly visits to Philly.  No - We are not looking forward to those trips but while we are there each week we will be able to begin to address the longer-term treatment for his arms and hands.  We will also be able to work with the Occupational Therapist on getting Aaron as independent as possible.  We met with her yesterday and felt sheltered in her care and concern for our little guy.  She gave us great hope for his future. 

     I apologize that this post is all over the place.  So much to ponder.  So much to say.  Through it all... God is good.  He is most certainly good!


  1. As always, humbled to pray for all of you. So glad that Aaron will be able to begin to get the treatment that he deserves. I has been such a pleasure to see him these last few weeks at HandG. He makes my heart smile and my soul sing.

  2. May the Lord hem you in even tighter so you all feel safe and loved by His agape love for you:)I think your doing the right thing on waiting to begin Aaron's castings. Little man just needs to adjust. We're planning on the same for Madeline when we get home so we all can just breath and adjust.
    Praying for your whole family
    Carolyn and David

  3. SO glad you had a good appointment! We love our hospital here. From the time you go in until the time you leave you are loved and cared for. :)

    Serial casting is AWESOME news!

    Praying with you about the other stuff that life throws. :)

  4. I am so glad to hear about yesterday! Praise God for everything about the report! Lauralee had her last heart repair at Children's in Philly and I well remember the ride even 9 yrs later! I am so thankful and glad with a deep-in-the-soul gladness that you have Aaron. Keep taking those faith steps!!! Love, Kelly Messimer

  5. I am so thankful to hear that the medical appointments went so well and most importantly, that you felt God's presence and provision in the midst of it all. He has you fully and completely. And He is big enough to handle it all.

    Thank you for praying for all of us as we strive to make a differene in the lives of God's most vulnerable children.


  6. I'm so glad to hear your visit went well and that you are in good hands. So wonderful that he will get the therapy he needs...he seems so smart and determined that I think he will catch up and amaze us all. I think that is a great idea to wait and focus on your relationships and give him time to adjust...especially over the holidays. Our family looks forward to meeting you all in the future:)

  7. How wonderful the care you received. God bless your sweet boy. I am so diggin his shirt :)

  8. Doesn't he just have the cutest dimples! I'm so glad to hear that Aaron's mobility can be improved, how great for him:) My kids and I have been fascinated by Gerri's casting process,, and are excited to see her all done and walking. Will Aaron's treatment be similiar? We hope you keep us all posted. Our prayers and well wishes are with your family.

  9. Believe it or not good doctors and therapist are hard to find. Not good in the sense of their knowledge, but good in the sense of how they interact with their clients and the clients family. A wonderful OT is an angel walking on earth! So happy to hear that you and Aaron have found the support that you need to move forward:)


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