Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Picture

Do you see this picture?  This is the parade.  These are some of our Lost Boys at Aaron's institute. 

Precious children.  

 If you look at the the tiny boy in the back of the line... being held by a caretaker....

That, my dear friends, is BRADY!

Tiny little Brady.  A Lost Boy who desperately needs to be snatched out of that parade and taken home. 

Please someone go get him.  He is too little to be walking in that parade... 


  1. Oh LORD! That picture just breaks my heart!!!! Ukraine is not a possibility for us. But someone, there is SOMEONE out there for him!!! Can I lift your picture?

  2. yes he is, but weren't they all at some point :(
    prayers lifted...


  3. That picture has completely broken my heart. I have had so many different children on my mind, and of course, Brady is one of them. We are completely broke from our last adoption (I know you understand what I mean-I literally just paid October's house payment), but I am seriously going to start digging, working a little more, and try hard to save the money to go get this little fellow. I haven't even "officially" inquired about him, but every picture I see of him breaks my heart and I guess that is a prayer answered. I have prayed for God to let the things that break his heart, break mine. Please continue to pray for us and for Brady and pray that some money falls from the sky. Thanks for posting about the Lost Boys. I actually avoided your blog in fear of seeing more, but desparately wanting to see it.

    FYI-I had both boys circumcised on Tuesday, was in and out of the surgey center in about 2 hours, home and just a little tender, but no real "pain" (as I could tell). Cole was a little more vocal about his unhappiness with the situation (especially at potty time), but no problems so far.

    Thanks again, Julia.

    Stephanie Carmichae

  4. It`s killing me! He`s the size of my 2 year old!

  5. julia, you have never heard from me but i have followed aarons adoption from the beginning. when i first came across RR, believe it or not aaron's picture was one of the ones that jumped at me!(they all speak to me but you know what i mean.) i adopted a precious special needs boy in 1995 from lithuania. he is the poster child for FAS and he is on the autism spectrum and he is the light of my life. i have 7 kiddos, 2 of which are adopted. i have been given the best of both worlds.....biological kids and adopted kids. i want so much to make brady one of mine too. but my husband and older kids just aren't on board yet. i pray too, that someone will go get him. because of your story, i have begun to advocate for these kids listed with RR and for adoption in general. thank you for inspiring me and sharing your story with us. may God bless you and your family

  6. What a difficult picture to see--all those children.

    Want to ask you to come check out when you get a free moment (if ever!). We'd love to have you come check it out and join the forum and encourage the other preadoptive and adoptive mommies there.

  7. So tiny.... Julia, is Brady verbal? I am sreaching for his family too.


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