Friday, December 17, 2010

A Child's Heart

When I found out that Gavin had a family - I wasn't told who it was.  But I figured it out.  I'm not very smart, but I do read a lot of blogs and one blog in particular had caught my eye.  I liked reading this blog because the writer was a child.  An eleven year old girl. 

I follow several blogs written by young girls with big hearts.  I love these kids because their hearts have already been broken by the things of this world.  They love God and this shines through in their blogs as they write with passion, joy and a faith that moves mountains.

This little girl, Genesis, could not contain her joy on her blog.  She was so excited to let the world know that they were adopting.  But she wasn't allowed to say much so she kept talking about a 'secret.'  When her secret coincided with the announcement that Gavin had a family - I knew.  I knew they had chosen Gavin.  I quickly sent a note to the family and was delighted to find out that my hunch was true. Genesis is going to be the big sister of a very special little guy. 

In the last week some new pictures of Gavin have arrived....


Do you see this picture?  Doesn't he look like a cute little toddler in the crib?  Maybe weighs 20-30 lbs.  A baby?  Isn't that what it looks like?  The truth - He's not a baby. 

Gavin is almost SIX YEARS OLD. 

He faces transfer at any time.  This little boy would be swallowed up in an institute like Aaron's.  He would not survive.  Look at that picture.  A baby in his PJ's -  Adopting Gavin is an act of mercy and love.  A rescue. 

  I am so grateful that a family has decided to go get him.  To pick him up out out of that crib among so many other cribs and carry him into their family.  I am so grateful that Gavin is going to have a big sister who is so beyond excited to have him for a brother that she can't contain her pleasure.  He gets two brothers too. 

How precious for one little boy.  If you want to read Genesis's blog - go HERE.

For all of you who have donated to this family -  THANK YOU. 

If you haven't - please donate to help this family bring this child home. 

The iPad give-away ends on Sunday. 

Don't you look forward to the day when I get to post a picture of 4 children posing together for a camera??


  1. Our God is awesome and I am so excited Gavin will have this beautiful big sister and brothers to play with! Thanks for sharing their story and helping be part of the process to find Gavin a home!!!


  2. I am glad he has a home. I hope the adoption process goes quick and smooth for them.
    I am trying to help out Shaun with Edward's Syndrome. I pray he gets adopted soon as well.

  3. praise god! so happy that he will soon be joining their family


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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