Monday, December 13, 2010

Early Christmas

Guess what we got in an e-mail yesterday from the French family who adopted their little one from Aaron's orphanage several years ago????


See my little boy smiling for the camera??? 

And check this one out.... Oh My Goodness!!!


Makes me want to reach through the picture and hold that baby tight in my arms.

I sure hope she keeps finding more of these gems - they are truly a treasure!

When we first met Aaron - he was NOT used to be carried.  It was obvious that no one had ever carried him or held him as only Mama's and Papa's do.  He held his body stiff away from us which made it very difficult to hold onto him.  Because of this I could not pick him up.  Rob was strong enough to hold him and thus spent each visit getting Aaron used to being in his arms.  By the time we left the institute - after 65 visits - Aaron was happy and content with Rob holding him.  He was still too hard for me to carry though because he would not wrap his legs around me or help in any way and his 50 lbs was too much for me to bear without him helping.

About a week ago, I needed to put Aaron's shoes on him and so lifted him up onto a stool.  Instead of lifting him down, I pulled him up into my arms.  For the first time, ever, Aaron melted into my arms.  He laid his head on my shoulder, wrapped his legs around me and I was able to hold him.  It was the sweetest, most precious gift that little guy could ever have given his Mama.  I held him for a long time before I had to put him down.  Since then, he is discovering that being held by a Mama is pretty sweet.  He's too big to hold for long, but I treasure each and every embrace.  He's learning though that when Mama has him tight against her, she does a whole lot of yucky kissing.


  1. What is amazing to me is the light that shines out of his eyes in all the pictures. Do you realize (I'm sure you do) what a precious and amazing thing that is? In the few pictures of our Dd that we have pre-adoption, she doesn't have that light. Her eyes in most of the pictures show what we call "the orphan eyes". Dark, questioning, and pained. We spent the first several years of her life with us doing battle with the things that caused that look. It was improved after a few years, but only when she accepted Jesus into her heart earlier this year did her heart become filled with true joy. She is like a different child now, and we rarely see that dark and brooding look. I know Aaron has to have lots of pain, but to see the light in his syes always touches me.

  2. Aaron is so beautiful, he takes my breath away. What a precious gift.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as HopeAnn! Timothy never had a smile when I saw a pic of him. That was one of the things I couldn't wait to see. I think God was saving them just for us. hehe Aaron's eyes are so beautiful, his eyes smile... as if to say, "Mama, I know you are coming". Praise God for Aaron and his new discoveries... even if they do come with those sloppy kisses. hehe

  4. Oh Julia. What a precious, precious gift. My heart is so longing to be there and hug my little one. Aaron is so beautiful; created in God's image - praise Him!

  5. Those pictures are a wonderful gift but the truly priceless one is that first-ever hug/holding on from Aaron. How sweet!

  6. I think this is my favorite post I've ever read on your blog. I love the photos, what a wonderful gift to recieve. But to read about you holding him, and his snuggling in to be held, TEARS. So very happy for you and Aaron that you have gotten to experince this together:)

  7. Ok, I'm caught up on your blog now after missing it for a couple days! First of all, these photos are precious beyond belief. SO very blessed you are to have them! :D

    And the Christmas post. Brilliant, amazing, wonderful, TRUE!!! Love your writing!

    Ok, need to go wipe some tears now lol! Good ones but still! :D

  8. I just hugged my precious boys minutes gift more precious than made me so so sad to hear one of my mommy friends say that her child never lets her hug her anymore - so i make sure to hug my children every day - as I NEVER want that to end... even when they are teenagers! So hug at least once a day!

  9. I also find this one of the most precious blogs you have written. Thanks for sharing that moment with us as well as the pictures of Aaron from before - true treasures!! : ) Love to all of you from all of us! : ) Evan just got accepted into Bucknell - his first choice school!! : )

  10. I LOVE the photos! What a gift!!!!

    xoxo, Kari :)

  11. "yucky kissing" LOL

    Great pics, what a gift to have from someone who doesn't even know you!

    Praying for the rest of the kids in the photos too :)

  12. I have tears for the new pictures and especially for the melting!


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