Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hang On...


About the birds - We had a choice with our birds - either we lived here or they lived here!   Our house was just not big enough to include both our family and three very loud birds.  So we called a local Pet Store and they agreed to take the birds.  In return we brought home a sweet, quiet little parakeet.  The birds were in fine condition when they left our house.  They were not abused, misused, left out on the porch or mistreated.   They were healthy and will make the Pet Store owner a good bit of money (70.00 per bird).  Though we got the 'poor' end of that trade, we are most certainly NOT COMPLAINING because we no longer have to yell at each other to be heard!    Happy Days!

About Aaron's spoon - A lot of people wanted to know where we got Aaron's spoon.  From our utensil drawer.  The spoon is actually a measuring spoon.  It is not ideal and we have since replaced it.  Designing a good eating utensil for Aaron is still a work in progress.

Gavin's thermometer is going up!!  Praise the Lord!  Lots of things happening in the 'raising funds for Gavin' department.  More on that in another post.  God is good!

Aaron's FAVORITE PASTIME... Note - the traintrack is on the floor in this picture.  Today it is back on the table.  He likes to change things up.  When it is on the floor, he can do it with his feet.  When it is on the table, he uses his hands.  Elijah is the number one track designer in the family.  I confess - I like designing them too!


     God is moving.  This morning I had chills going up and down my spine.  God is moving. In more than one direction at the same.  Our Lost Boys have hope. 

     You need to ramp up the prayers.  HARD.   This CONCERTO is one you don't want to miss.

Prayer One - We have been in contact with a number of different organizations and ministries about our Lost Boys and we have been contacted by several.  The interest is high.  Praise God!  Pray that the doors would be flung wide open!

Prayer Two - I can't share much and I have to be discreet so read between my lines....

     In the same village as our Lost Boys, there is an internat for older children.  For those who don't understand the Eastern European system - Children are in baby house orphanages until they reach the age of 4, 5 or 6.  Then they are transferred.  The 'normal' children are transferred to boarding school type orphanages (internats) where they receive an education.  The special needs children are transferred to special needs institutes.

      The special needs institutes are the places of no return.  Those kids stay in the system until they die.  Unless they are adopted - they live the rest of their lives locked away forever.

      But, lest you think that the 'normal' children have it easy, think again.  The children in the internats are just as needy.  The boarding school internats tend to be underfunded (most of the money that is donated is poured into the baby house orphanages) and often neglected.  It is a harsh world for those kids.  Many of our HIV Reece's Rainbow children are in these places.  When the children at these internats turn anywhere from 15-18, they age out.  Though they have been given an education, they have little prospects.  They are sent out into the world too young and without support.  Sadly, many of these children shipwreck, ending up in jail or in prostitution rings.  There have been efforts made to change the system and in some areas this is changing but the reality is, much more needs to be done.  The need is huge.  It is why we are praying that the door does NOT close on both the special needs adoptions AND the older children adoptions. 

     So here is where prayer matters.  There is an internat in Aaron's former village.  It is filled with needy children.  Only a few have ever been adopted from that internat.  Just a few.  Those boys and girls are about as Lost as our Lost Boys.  We have no idea if anyone ministers to those children.  Our contact with them went only as far as being shown the drab looking building where they lived.  Each time we passed that building I would whisper prayers for those lonely kids inside.  Other than that we were cut off.  Until this morning.

     This morning I sit in awe of the God I serve.  He sees the bigger picture.  He has a grander plan in place that goes beyond our wildest dreams.   Pray Church.  We serve a living God who hears and answers the cries of our hearts.


  1. Oh Julia, praying out loud for these kids!!! Thank you for your voice, your heart, your family! You truly are an inspiration to me!

  2. Awesome news! Praying for all of these children... Don't know if you are familiar with but they are ones who get local churches together to minister to orphans in their area. We are working on adopting Ukranian twins and as soon as we find out what orphanage they are in (still waiting for details!), I have been told that this ministry will go to where they are. Could be another resource for you :) We do indeed serve an awesome God who I am seeing move many, many people around me to adopt like I've never seen before....

  3. God is not dead. He heard and answers . . . chills and tears . . . and faith . . . and knowing how mad Satan is right now . . . so prayers for protection for all of you fighting.

  4. "Savior, He can move the mountains
    My God is mighty to save
    He is mighty to save
    Forever Author of salvation
    He rose and conquered the grave
    Jesus conquered the grave"

    "Is anything too difficult for God?"

    Praying over these words. Thanks for being a voice for these mute ones. I would not know to pray without you.

  5. Good words and thoughts, I hope they will encourage people to act.

    Also there are some great Russian cartoons on the internet, Whinnie the Pooh is excellent and I bet Aaron would love it. He is not quite like our Pooh bear, but I think he's closer to the books.

    Love Claire

  6. The elder of my two young cousins, who has very mild physical special needs, spent eight months in a poor, isolated internat from which very few children were ever adopted. She was separated from her younger sister who remained in a much better "children's home" orphanage over 100 miles away. Had the girls not been adopted, they very probably never would have seen each other again and would have been thrown onto their own meager resources at age 16 or 17. Now now almost 14 and 11 1/2, they are beautiful blessings for our family. I urge those interested in international adoption to consider the thousands of older children languishing in the internats and institutions of Eastern Europe.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from Eastern Europe

  7. Oops - posted a minute too soon! Thank you, Julia, for advocating so strongly and eloquently for the forgotten children of the orphanages, internats, and institutions of Eastern Europe. Your testimony, and Aaron's story, speak to the heart...

    Susan in Ky

  8. Too funny that you don't have the love birds anymore, hope the boys were not to disapointed. My husband and I LOVED the photos of Aaron feeding himself, made us cry:) LOVE the trains, I think Santa may be bringing some to our home this year, as my daughter LOVES them too.

    Now the real important part - WOW, sounds like hope, possibilities. It is amazing what can happen when hearts come together, consider my voice and heart included!!!

  9. I would like to hear about the birds. The way you describes the ones that you got before makes them sound like nightmare birds, and the new one, how is it doing? Is it a quiet bird, or a biting menace?... Also congrats on Aaron! I would like to hear about what he does every day.

  10. Julia-
    I thought of you today while at the hospital with Ellie. We were doing her therapy and splinting and a visiting doctor from the Ukraine was there to observe. I briefly attempted to visit with him. He is from somewhere I can't pronounce west of Kiev. :)
    I couldn't help but think of Aaron and your adoption experience and the lost boys and the fact that in many parts of our world children with disabilities and differences are viewed as "less than." And I wondered what this doctor saw as he looked at my Ellie with his own cultural perspective.
    I hope and pray he saw hope. I hope he saw smiles and how much she is adored and how much she has to offer & to contribute to society. I hope he goes back changed.
    Anyway - just wanted you to know I thought of you guys today. I love reading your blog - thanks for sharing your heart and passion and sweet stories of Aaron.


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