Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Molly and Aaron

She saw Aaron's picture over a year and a half ago and fell in love.  A cute little dimpled blonde haired disabled boy in need of a Mama. 

It wasn't possible for her to adopt him because she was a poor single college student.  She missed the marriage, age and income requirements to bring him home.  All she could do was hope and pray that someone would snatch him up.  But no one stepped up.  Time passed.  

Aaron was transferred. 

What could she do?  How could a poor college student make a difference in one little boy's life?

She could create a blog.  She could pray.  She could yell.  She could advocate.  She could donate money and get others to donate money. 

She did all of those things. 

Because she yelled, others also began to advocate.  Prayers were lifted for this little blond haired beauty across the ocean who had been exiled to a mental institute.  More voices joined the chorus.  Aaron's picture began to appear on more blogs.  The word spread.  Prayers increased.  And God answered. 

In July we crossed the ocean to get that little dimpled boy.  Molly cheered us on the entire way.

This last Sunday she took the train down to see Aaron with her own eyes. 

Rob, Ben, Elijah and I had the pleasure of spending time with the college student who yelled. 

Aaron had the joy of making a new friend. 

And Molly...

Well, Molly finally got to meet and hold the little boy with the dimples that captured her heart.


  1. This is so awesome!!! YAY for Molly and for your family!! Merry Christmas!! Someday I hope that Aaron will understand the significance of that visit.

  2. What a very special day that must have been! I'm so happy that you got to meet each other!

  3. Oh my, bawling over here! Molly, how did it feel to read him a story? Wow!! As if the prayer of finding him a family wasn't enough, God put him in your arms, literally.

  4. So happy t osee these two finally got to meet! Such precious pictures!

  5. Keep yelling, all of you! Look what God can do through you....

  6. Reading Aaron a story was surreal. To have him on my lap, snuggled up and reading with me, I almost cried. It was this "Wow" moment. Like, this time last year I was terrified that he would die in an institution and his face would haunt me forever. And here I am, a year later, reading him a bed time story!

    I can't even describe how amazing it was.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I am so glad Molly got to meet Aaron. She really did an awesome job advocating for him!


  8. Tears, tears and more tears. I am so happy that you got to meet, and spend real time together! It's funny how Julia always seems to be just out of the photos.....

    Aaron and his angel:)

  9. Someday Aaron will understand his story, and will know that God send an angel to take care of him, and that angel is Molly.

  10. That is so beautiful! What sweet young lady.

  11. Awesome! How absolutely awesome!!! Wow! Love this!!! God is GREAT! Love the pics!!!
    (Love the bracelet too, Molly--I have one just like you & Julia :) )

  12. That is so wonderful!! The bedtime story pictures are absolutely priceless. What a wonderful, wonderful "ending" to the story! Of course, the story doesn't really end, but you know what I mean. ;o)


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