Saturday, December 18, 2010




Aaron's Molly.  The crazy college student from New York who decided a year ago that Aaron just could not spend the rest of his life in a mental institute.  So she started yelling - LOUD!  All she wanted for Christmas last year was for Aaron to have a home.  She yelled so loud that somehow, down here in Virginia, we heard her.  Okay - we didn't hear her but we found her blog.  Her passion for one little boy overwhelmed us.  The rest is history!

Tomorrow she is coming on the train.  We get to spend several days enjoying Molly.  I'm so excited!! 

Molly's advocating for Aaron is a perfect example of how one person CAN make a difference.  Without her yelling, Aaron would not be in our home.  I firmly believe that.  God used her to speak to us and for that I will be forever grateful for dear, sweet Molly.

I am going to burst out crying when she comes off that train.  I know Rob will be right behind me in the tear department.   We're going to be a weepy mess with Aaron going absolutely nuts because he will get to see his first train up close.  THAT will be the highlight of his day.  Unfortunately Molly doesn't stand a chance against the mighty workings of a train!! Oh well, we will take lots of pictures and pretend he cared that his HERO just walked off the train! 



  1. How exciting!! I can't wait to see pictures!! i remember hearing Molly yelling (often!) and wondering if her efforts were going to pay off for dear, adorable Aaron, and I'm sooooooo glad they did!! It's been such a blessing watching your story and him bloom!! Have a GREAT day today!!

  2. The whole thing is such an amazing story. Maybe you or she can post some more about her part of the story on your blog?

  3. I can't wait to read about the meeting!!! I will never forget Molly's excitement when she saw that Aaron had a committed family.

    We get to meet the Hollis family on Tuesday. I can't wait to see Lydia with little Darya!

  4. I will be crying too!!!!! I still cannot believe I am seeing you guys TOMORROW!

    It's ok, I am happy to play second fiddle to the trains! lol. I just can't believe I get to see him and hear his little voice and hug the people who made it all happen!

  5. this is just too cool!! i hope you're able to find time to share with the rest of us how it's all going!!! yes, I too would LOVE to hear how it all began;)

  6. Wow! I had no idea this is how your journey started. I LOVE how God allows these connections and threads of his tapestry to be woven together and that once in awhile He lets us in on the breathtaking side of the tapestry. It sure helps when a lot of the time all we can see is the tangled 'mess' on the backside. I'm so glad you get this chance to meet Molly!!!!

  7. YAY!!!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see pics! God is GOOD!!

  8. That is so super awesome! I hope you have a great time together! :)


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