Thursday, December 16, 2010

They Love Orphans


A year ago they discovered Reece's Rainbow.  Unlike many of us who hem and haw and wonder and struggle and wrestle and fight over whether we should or should not or when or how or why etc. etc. etc. - Not them.  They love orphans.  They were ready then, to go get one of the 'least of these.'  They already had hearts for the orphans and once they found RR, they knew that this is what God desired for their family.  Bags packed. 

But the door was shut.  They didn't meet the financial requirements set forth for a family of five.  So they waited, prayed, wondered, considered.  Please Dear Lord.  Open the door.  A new job emerged.  In a church.  Near family.  Full-time ministry.  But not enough was offered.  The salary quoted wouldn't allow them to adopt.  They prayed.  They asked.  The church prayed.  They agreed.  The salary was raised to where they could adopt.  God had opened the door.  Just barely, but Praise God, the door was open!

Now for the thrill.  To chose a child.  A child in need.  Which child did this gracious, loving family chose?  Which child? 

My Gavin.  They are getting Gavin.  They heard the cries of the orphan and they responded.  It took a year.  A year of prayer, faith, trust and hope.  Now Gavin gets a family.  God's timing.  Perfect.

Dear friends, they are not rich financially - not in any stretch of the imagination.  They just barely make the minimal amount to get one precious child.  But they serve a living and loving God who will supply all their needs.  I know He will.  Through us.  We get to be His hands and feet. 

The opportunity to bless this family is here.  Right now.  The Give-away for Gavin's iPad is still open.  There is still opportunity for anyone/everyone to donate for a chance to win that iPad. 

  • One family, choosing to do so without fanfare or praise, stepped out in faith and love for the orphan and DONATED the iPad for Gavin.  That is amazing Love! 
  • The HOUSE family has stepped up in faith and love to BRING HIM HOME
  • Together, giving freely, we can help ease their financial burden and honor the gift given for this one little boy.
  • And prayerfully, with great hope and expectation, one little orphan, cherished and loved, will be HOME next Christmas. 

Please make a donation 

Every single 5.00 bill helps.  You have until December 19th.

On the 20th we will announce the winner of the iPad giveaway - Just in time for Christmas!!

If you want to follow along on their journey - Their blog is HERE

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