Sunday, December 19, 2010

Too Much to Say

I have too much going on in my head.... I'm a jumble of thoughts and emotions.... Some things I have shared and some I have not.  I plan to share.  I find myself holding my breath though because what I have to say has literally blown me away.    It seems too good to be true.  So I am holding back.  Scared.  Oh me of little tiny faith.  Seriously.  Bear with me, dear friends.  I do have news.  News that makes me come undone when I allow myself to consider it too deeply.  God has gone far beyond what I ever hoped and imagined.  I can't share it though.  Not right now.  For a multitude of reasons.  Faith is one of them.

Please - if you haven't dropped five dollars or more into Gavin's account - please do it today.  The iPad ends tonight.  Tomorrow morning - bright and early - someone is going to get an e-mail asking for their address.  PAY ATTENTION to your e-mail because I want to mail the iPad out TOMORROW!   Gavin's family needs every single dollar that is dropped into his account!!


It is a Very BIG deal.  Pray NOW!  Pray HARD!

Pray that either the vote fails or that the wording on the bill is changed to allow adoptions to continue.  There are those who would choose to shut down adoptions in Aaron's former country completely.  Seriously.  Evil does abound in this world.   There are those who would choose for these children to stay hidden, out of reach.  Please.  There are lives hanging in the balance.   Please pray.  

On Friday, a Reece's Rainbow family met their two little boys for the first time.  Look at these sweet, needy little boys.  Please.  Look in their eyes.  This is WHY you are praying.


These little guys weigh 16 lbs and 13 lbs.  They are both three years old but are extremely tiny and malnourished.  They have spent their lives in one room in an orphanage.  In cribs.  Drugged.  They have never left that room.   Like Gavin, they are not babies.   They are absolutely in horrible condition.  That is the honest truth.  Their bodies are rotting.  They have never been touched, held, rocked or soothed.  One of these days I am going to write a post about WHY these boys are in such a state.  I can't right now.  Another one of those stomach wrenching blog posts that takes time to consider and work through.  Emotionally and prayerfully. 

Dear friends, these little boys need to get out.  If the vote passes without wording changes - this family has to leave these boys behind.  Neither boy would survive if they were transferred.  They just would not survive.   The transition from one hell-hole to another is just an unbearable thought.  I can't express how desperately needy they are.  By the grace of God these boys have hope.  Last spring another little girl was rescued from this same room.  Her mom came out yelling and this family heard her cry.  Three children rescued.  Another family is packing bags to get another little one out of that room.  Praise God.  God's people are answering His call.  They are sending a powerful message to the caretakers there.  These children are wanted.  They are precious, beautiful treasures. 

There are so many more.  This is NOT a unique case.  So many of the little ones being adopted are not healthy and happy children in the orphanages.  So many of them are barely hanging on.  Children who are laying in cribs, lost, drugged to keep them quiet, and completely helpless.   Their cries are feeble but God has heard their whimpers as they lay day after day.  He has heard.  He is calling His church to cross the ocean and rescue these desperate and dying babies.  Please stand with these families, this family as they give up so much to gain such blessings.  Pray for them - for the vote - for the children.  The door has been opened.  We just can't stand by and let it close.


  1. We are scheduled for court either Thursday or Friday . Please Pray the doors will stay wide open!!!! We are so close and madly in love with our sweetheart:)THANK YOU FOR PRAYING.

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  3. Praying, praying. It just breaks my heart to see the condition some of these kids are in. Hugs

  4. I am praying for the vote. These kids need to get out!!

  5. Continuing to pray for God's Hand to move mightily in this voting situation.

    Looking forward to when you're able to share your news!

  6. i look forward to your future post;)

  7. Julia, you continue to bless me. I don't know if any of us really realized just what a treasure WE were getting when you found Aaron and RR. Keep writing and shouting and watching God break down walls that looked unbreakable. Jill

  8. Julia, We're praying hard and doing dossier paperwork right now, stepping out in faith that God is going to move and we will be able to submit in Feb. to go get Caroline when she is released in April.
    I'd like to think to this post on my blog. Is that alright?

  9. Julia,
    We, too, are in country trying to get our little girl, Alice, home. I wanted to tell you, I asked our facilitator what his thoughts of the vote were. He said that there will be time between the vote and when the president signs it into law. If we have had court before he signs it, we'll be alright. I know this vote will effect many more children and that breaks my heart. But, for those of us here, maybe just maybe we'll be ok.

    Our court date is Thursday at 2 pm local time. Please pray for a favorable outcome.

    We were able to meet the Winkle family and they are just a delight. We've been praying for them ever since.

    Our blog is



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