Monday, January 10, 2011


Day three.  Aaron finally fell asleep last night at 1:30 with both Benadryl and Melatonin to help ease him into sleep.  He woke up at 7:00 crying but we were able to convince him to go back to sleep.  At 9:30 he woke up again.  Miserable.  We washed him to screams of "it's coldna".  So hoping and praying that his day improves.   It does help a bit when Grandad comes over to watch Pooh Videos....  No smiles for Mom but at least he isn't fussing!!

Thank you for all your words of encouragement, stories and personal experiences.  Last night I was overwhelmed as I took Ben and Elijah to drama practice at how many families reached out to hug and encourage me.  We have been especially blessed by all the AMC families and RR families of children with physical disabilities who have come out of the woodwork and hollered words of encouragement our way that we are on the right track with this process.  It is so easy to second guess our decision when our little one's dimples have disappeared off his face!   There is never an easy time to put full leg casts on a child.  Especially when that child uses his feet for everything. 

For those who have asked - it is going to take 2-3 months from beginning to end.  I can't even begin to think about the length of this as we muddle through the hour by hour part of this journey. 

As far as helping Aaron understand - We have tried to explain to him what is happening.  He is six years old.  He speaks limited English. We don't know how much of his native language he understands anymore.  We have explained with pictures and simple language what is happening.  He has seen a video.  I don't think he would fully understand even if language wasn't a factor.  How do you explain to a six year old that he has to wear casts on his legs?  How do you explain that?  I grieve that I have to figure out how to tell him.  Sadly, we will have many more events in his life that we will struggle to explain.  Many more.  For this week we are telling him that on Friday he gets to wear BLUE casts.  We are focusing on the positive.  One day at a time. 

On a happy note.... One that I have wanted to share but have not had the energy over the last few days...



1,691.00 DOLLARS.... 

One Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety One Dollars. 

Most of the money arrived in tiny bills.  Ones, Fives, Tens.  That is a lot of envelopes.  That amounts to a HUGE amount of prayers and love for the Least of These.  What fun to look at the different accounts and see how many of the money amounts ended with an odd number (ie - 1,002.00) - knowing that those odd numbers reflected all the envelope gifts.  The widow's mite.  Precious in the sight of God.
I KNOW for a fact that there are a number of families who are working right now towards committing to several of those Angel Tree children.  I know this because I have received e-mails for prayer, advice and encouragement.  Please pray for these families.  They so need us to cover them in prayer as they step out in faith.

Pray too for the children.  So many of them are barely hanging on.  I know that sounds extreme but it is true.  Though most of the Angel Tree children are still in the Baby House orphanages - it is not a life of ease.  Some of those Baby Houses are poor and the children struggle.  Many, many of them are left in cribs - all day - every single day.  Many are neglected  or worse by caretakers who are there only for a paycheck.  It is a sad existence and will only get worse once they are transferred.  Please pray for these little ones. 


  1. Thinking of you all Julia! Poor little guy :(

  2. I love your new heading picture...priceless. What an awesome amount raised. In fact a true miracle took place at RR for the Angel Tree children this year....ONLY GOD!! Hugs

  3. Oh Julia, I will be praying for you guys. I only had to deal with a difficult patient for 5 days (Josi had strep throat and is AWFUL when she's sick) so I can only imagine what you're going through with Aaron. "This too shall pass" doesn't seem to have the same convincing power when you're sleep-deprived, but I'll pray for your strength and endurance for the long haul.

  4. Aaron and all of the waiting children are in my prayers...sure hope those blue casts will be a hit!
    While waiting in the doctor's office this morning, I saw an ad for a water faucet which can be operated (both on and off) with light pressure from the wrist or forearm on either the handle or the "spout", and thought of Aaron. It's made by Delta and is called the "Touch2O" faucet. The photo showed it in use in what I think was a kitchen sink, but it might also be used in a lavatory or bathtub. Check for more info (I haven't checked it yet myself...). It looked as if it might be something which would offer him more independence...

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from Ukraine and not a Delta Faucet employee!

  5. We only washed my little guy maybe once a week and I think I did his hair once in the month he was casted. It was just too miserable for him, and the cast stank anyway, so it wasn't like washing him helped much.

    Since his casts don't go all the way down to his bottom you might be able to lay him in tub on his back on a towel and get most of him underwater with his legs braced up on something? Just a thought. Give him extra hugs from all of your readers. It will be better soon.

  6. You are an awesome mother and person. I know I have never told you that before, and I should have.

  7. When I saw that you took your older boys to a drama practice, it was an affirmation that I was to share a thought I had earlier today. While we are strangers, I've been following your story and had a thought about how to get Aaron's dimples back for at least a little bit ... I've got to think for as much as your older boys love their new little brother, they might be willing to go to extremes to help him smile. I keep thinking of a mime or silent comedy or other comedy where they are doing silly (but not dangerous) things to each other all in the name of helping Aaron focus on them and smiling for a few minutes. If it's a repeatable routine, they might be able to repeat it many times over the coming months of casting as a way to remind Aaron of the joy in his life. We know this as the joy of the Lord, but until such time as you can teach it that in words he'll understand, perhaps for now it could be taught in silliness. I hope this helps. Please know of my prayers for you, Mom, making the correct but difficult decisions, for Aaron, and the easing of his pain and the relaxation and rest for his body, and for the rest of the men/boys in your family as they support you and Aaron. With love in Christ, Julie

  8. And our envelopes went out really late, so there is a bit more money coming. Maybe $15? ;-) Thanks for sharing... your journey will encourage others.

  9. Just love him and hang in there!

  10. Praying for you; that God would comfort and keep you all and especially little Aaron. IMHO, I think it may help to have someone explain to him in his first language what is happening and what is expected to happen.

    God bless you Julia!


  11. Praying for all of you as you help Aaron through this time that he has to spend in casts. Praying that Aaron will adjust to the casts and that he will be able to sleep peacefully soon.


  12. Love you guys! Squeeze him from me and tell him that "Molly, train, choochoo" says hi! I wish I could do something for you guys!

  13. so sorry he is having such a hard time :(
    Gerri was SO happy when she was undergoing the casting, it actually helped her to be more mobile.
    I hope it gets better as time goes on and he can see the results of his casts!!
    Maybe we will see you in PA??
    Prays for the little guy!

  14. Praying for you, Aaron and your family during this difficult time. Would an invasion of 9 kids to your house distract him from his misery? or atleast yours? We hope to come visit soon...when ever its good for your family.
    It will be so worth it in the end but sorry you have to go through it.
    the Adamsons

    "Do not be anxious about anything but in everything though prayer and petition with thanksgiving, make your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus our Lord. " Phillipians 4:4-6


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