Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love days when we can look up from our tiny corner of the world - when we look up and around us and realize how many others are shouting beside us.  I love the reminders that the church is alive and that God is honoring our cries to the throne.  This morning I have tears in my eyes as I see His grace and mercy played out in the church.  Maybe I'm simple, but I take delight in knowing that I am in good company.  Reminders that we serve a Living God.  Reminders that we are not shouting alone.  God is good.

Davids has not been forgotten.  Sweet Davids.  Maybe set aside by the world but not God.  He has two weeks to find a family before he turns 16.  Two weeks before he is turned out on the street.  Two weeks.  Impossible.   But God's people shouted.  Loud.  And Davids has hope.  Not fully realized yet - prayers need to continue to be lifted for this sweet child - but hope.  Money has been offered, several families have stepped forward and God is making a way in the desert.  Grace. 

I rejoice in Davids story.  I also rejoice when I stumble upon a blog written by four girls.  Just four girls who live in different parts of the globe.  Four girls who don't even know each other apart from the internet.  But these four girls have banded together to help the orphan.  They give me hope and make me want to shout and holler.  Go check out their blog HERE.  They make me want to laugh out loud.  I'm cheering them on from my corner of the world.  Four girls making a difference.

Our sweet Aaron has begun to laugh again.  

The resilience of a child.  He still hates the casts and has definitely become quite demanding about how we care for him, but he is finding ways to play. 

It isn't easy.  He doesn't want us out of his line of sight and calls out every few minutes with a persistence that makes Job look downright wimpy in comparison. 

He needs constant reassurance and interaction which is making it quite difficult to get any work done (both Rob and I are in the midst of writing history curriculum). 

But he is starting to laugh again.  After 3 solid days of seeing tears leaking down his face, it is pure bliss to see his dimples again! 

So I have many reasons to rejoice.  God is good.

Please continue to lift up the Parker family.  Exhaustion is setting in for these dear people.  Both children are now in the same hospital, although they are in separate rooms.  Two desperately sick children who definitely need us to lift them to the throne.  Their Caring Bridge journal is HERE.


  1. I wonder if this will be therapeutic for his arms and hands? Being forced to use them more, may show him how much he really can do.....

  2. I'm so happy to see those dimples again! Poor little, guy. Not only is he hurting, but he can't do anything since he is used to using his feet to play. Still praying.

  3. So great to see a smile on that sweet face again...

  4. To love the unloved is a great group of girls! I was able to meet one of them around Thanksgiving. Her sister and my daughter are about the same age. I 'know' all of them from FB and love that they are speaking up!

    And I love that Aaron's dimples are back!!

  5. Awww... that's the sweet Aaron we know!! Poor boy... hang in there Julia! Praying for comfort as this fun continues. The end result will be worth it. :)

  6. He does have the greatest dimples I've ever seen! Glad you're seeing them more often!

  7. So glad to see Aaron's smile coming back! Thanks for posting about Davids too. I'm so glad things are looking up for him. Nothing is too hard or impossible for God!

    Pam K

  8. glad to see he's smiling again :)... hope you get to come to AMC chat sometime soon.. Next one is tomorrow at 8pm EST...
    have you guys had any ideas about his arms yet? My little guy is mostly affected in his uppers but the lowers are involved too..
    anyway glad to see he's happy again :)

  9. i recall when our aiden was 3, only home from korea for about 6 months had both legs casted with a wide bar between to correct orthopedic problems from cp. that was the hardest thing i had ever done at that point handing the baby boy over for surgery when he had just started being happy secure and trusting. i remember him sitting on the floor sad because the other kids went out to play in the snow, only to burst out in a HUGE smile when his big brother and sister brought in a big bowl of snow for him to play in. its hard...i know, but will be worth it. hang in there!!

  10. I have been following your blog for a while as I adopted a hearing impaired child from Aaron's country 9/09. I want to thank you for all you have done to help the cause of orphans! God is using you in an unbelievable way. Keep Yelling!! People are waking up. I am trying to do the same for a little girl we met in the orphanage who is blind and has CP. Your story has been so encouraging to me when it seems all is lost.

    My son was looking at Aaron's pictures today and said "Who's that Mommy". I told him Aaron's story and he said "I'd like to go play with him". :) Children are so wonderful to see past things that we adults can't get over. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  11. Julia,
    Thank you for all your prayers and tears for many children who need families. Its almost 1 am and I had to see your blog before I went to bed, I can't always look at the blogs you refer but I pray for their needs right away.
    I look forward to the place where there will be no more tears! Only dimples! :)
    I am praying for Aaron throughout the day....
    Melody W.

  12. glad Aaron is smiling again. I'm sure your heart must have been breaking when he had tears leaking down his face for 3 days. Hang in there, and know that you know that you're doing the BEST thing for him, even though it's hard now.


  13. Thank you for posting about To love the unloved!
    We GREATLY appreciate it! :)
    Your lil man is soooo adorable! Happy to follow your blog now :)
    Love, Taylah

  14. I had a cast on my leg for a while following an accident. It was bad to have one on during the summer. I do wonder, how long will he have to have casts on? Will they be retired once and for all when these get removed, or will he need some replaced?


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