Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Created Just Right

I asked you last Friday to lift up in prayer four families.  That blog entry is HERE.  Tonight - while we sleep - around 2:00 am or later - the judge in their region will be deciding whether court dates will be given to two of the families - the Davis family, adopting Kirill and the Hook family, adopting Eva.   I learned yesterday that NO CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME HAS EVER BEEN ADOPTED FROM THIS REGION.  None.  Never. 

Eva, Kirill and Baby J all have been blessed with an extra chromosone.  They have families who desperately want them.  Tonight's decision will determine where these three little ones will spend the rest of their lives.  If the judge does not issue a court date for Kirill and Eva, then Baby J's chances end also. 
I don't know how to express how deeply these families need your prayers.  I know a little bit of the terror they are feeling because we too faced a court room just a few months ago with the odds against us.  But we entered that courtroom knowing that we had behind us thousands of bowed heads.  And we were able to argue our case in front of our judge.  These families are here.  They don't get to plead their case.  They are at the mercy of their facilitator to speak the words needed to convince the judge that adoption is in the best interest of these children.  They are in a terrifying position - helpless, scared, yet clinging to God and His faithfulness. They need thousands of bowed heads tonight.  Please - consider keeping watch with them.  Set your alarms - climb out of bed and pray.  To the rest of the world, Eva, Kirill and Baby J have little significance.  In the worlds eyes, they are considered damaged goods.  In our country, they probably would have been aborted.   They are the least of the least. 

But not to the families.  Not to the Davis family, the Hook family or the Moreno family.   To them, they are priceless treasures.  They are their daughters and son.  They are wanted and loved.  Their families are willing to cross an ocean in a leaky boat to go get them. 

And not to God.  They are His chosen little ones.  Designed by Him for just such a time as this.  Pray so that we can see His Mighty acts, His Glory revealed in their lives.  Three little babies.  Created just right.  They need their Mama's and Papa's.  They need their brothers and sisters.  They need to come home.  Please pray.

                                Baby J                            Eva                                    Kirill
                  MORENO FAMILY          HOOK FAMILY              DAVIS FAMILY

Please pray. 


  1. I posted on my blog and added a link back here.
    I just got this scripture verse from Klove in my email this morning. Thought it was incredibly fitting of the situation.

    O Lord, hear my plea for justice. Listen to my cry for help. Pay attention to my prayer, for it comes from honest lips.

    ~ Psalm 17:1

  2. praying that this judge comes to an understanding of how much these precious children are loved and wanted. praying his heart will be touched by Christ's light and that he will give these families their travel dates. praying these special families are comforted by Him. grateful for all your sweet words of encouragement.

  3. I just prayed and will continue to do so. I will kneel with you, with all of you, for them. May this judge's heart be broken for what breaks the heart of our Lord Jesus. Thank you Julia for reminding me to do this.

  4. Just prayed and will continue to pray often throughout the day and night!I can only Imagine being in that position, and already loving a child so much!So much is at stake...I pray that God would move in the Heart of that judge...

  5. Praying for these precious jewels. Psalm 139:13-17 !!

  6. I set my alarm and challenged other on my facebook to d the same.

  7. Continuing to pray for these families to be united. God's will be done.

  8. Praying for these families and their beautiful children.

  9. Praying! May God be glorified!

  10. Not to me either!! Surrounding all in beautiful light to help guide the way to the right choice for the judge!

    Wanting to see these beautiful children home with their families soon!!!!

  11. The trumpet callin us to prayer has sounded...

  12. Praying, praying, praying!! Will be watching for the answer...

  13. Praying the judges heart will be softened and he will grant permission for court dates. Praying these 3 little sweeties will be able to come home to their Forever Families.


  14. what is the outcome? praying for them


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