Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guess What???


Gavin is getting a brother.  Yep.  The Lord opened the door for the House family to find the means to rescue one more little boy from his orphanage.  TRISTAN. 


Two little boys who will never see the inside of an institute. Brothers. I am so unbelievably excited I just can't put it into words.  And not only that - the names they picked out for them are straight from the Old Testament.... Gabe and Levi.  Love it!  Absolutely love it!



There was a bunch of money donated at the very end of the week to lift all the accounts up to 1,000.00....

Let me just say for the record - EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR DONATED WAS IMPORTANT

Some may consider the big donation at the end to be the one that is the most impressive.  Somehow God doesn't see it that way.  I know He doesn't.  The 1.00 donations sent in envelopes have as much worth in His eyes as the great big donation at the end.  We give in poverty, we give in abundance.  We give.  We did it together.  The thousands and thousands of people who quietly, sacrifically gave so that the 'least of these' could have a chance at a family.  THAT IS WHAT IS IMPRESSIVE.  Not just the big gift but ALL the gifts.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! 

So now we need to pray that God will send families.  Families for every single angel on that tree.  Since the Angel Tree started at the beginning of November, 30 angels now have families.  THIRTY.   Even more families committed to about TWENTY FIVE children from the older children and other angel groups on the RR site.  That means OVER FIFTY CHILDREN now have committed families since the beginning of November.  Wow!  Praise God!


Aaron can now 'give me five.'   Oh the joy!  Now I know all you who have arms and hands that are hooked up correctly think this is no big deal, but to our little fellow - THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  He is so thrilled to be able to swing his arm up and drop his hand on top of your hand to give you five!  If I could capture his laughter in a bottle when he does it I would be rich indeed.


I leave you with some brotherly fun from Christmas Day....

That's okay.... Big brother made it up to him later on in the week....


  1. Oh that is FABULOUS news! Oh how I wish we could bring them all home. That is one cool Helicopter by the way. :)

  2. Again, all I can say is AMEN!!!

  3. That in absolutely awesome news. Hugs

  4. Cannot thank you enough for the envelope idea!!! It was such a blessing to do that Christmas morning and it stirred up great conversation;) I almost passed out when I saw the goal had been reached and when I saw that the Lindys were adopting a brother for Gabe:)

  5. My kiddo gives me "lo fives." :) I get it! It's a joy! Yay for all those little lost boys!

  6. Yay for the high fives! Isabel currently thinks that doing "Up high, down low, too slow, cut the pickle, tickle, tickle tickle!" is about the most fun thing ever.

  7. Please pray for us. We are in the process of adopting Maeve (31). We did inquire about adopting another little one. However, we were told that we would need to come up with the $1250 (for love donation and committment fee). We are knee deep in our first adoption and don't have the $1250 right now. We can afford to adopt him...just not the $1250 right now. Please pray that if it is meant to be it will work out.

  8. Happy New Year Julia! Just getting back on blogs tonight although I've been reading most of yours to keep up with the cool stuff you've been reporting!

    Happy Homeschooling on Monday! Are we ready yet??? NO!

  9. 55 buttons & blogs to do! Good reason to be swamped!

  10. Don't you just see the resemblance with Gabe and Levi? ;)
    One HAPPY momma here!!

  11. Jesus loves the little children.....
    All the children of the world.....
    We've sung that song since we were little but it's taking on new meaning for me!! : )


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