Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trip Two

(sitting in the waiting room)

We survived our second round of casting at Shriner's, and I can say without reservation that the staff was quite relieved that round two is behind us!!  Oh My!  Who knew our sweet little dimpled-faced Aaron has the lung capacity to scream like a banshee and is so strong that even with 4 grown men, 1 nurse AND his tiny mother holding him onto the table while they cast his feet, he can still manage to fight hard enough to crack the cast open, requiring more plaster to be added.

Don't be fooled by the innocent smile on this little guy's face.... (pre-casting mind you....)

He's a terror in the casting room!!!!!

 My ears are still ringing.  Going through that process is a gut-wrenching process that brings me to my knees.  Keeping our eyes on the prize is the only way we can do this because seeing tears leaking out of our son's eyes as we made the long journey home is heart-wrenching.  Our one BIG positive though is that they did not cast his knees this time.  They are hoping that Aaron will walk in the casts in order to stretch the tendons in his feet.  So they gave his knees a break for a week.  He is now sporting bright flourescent orange casts and despite putting up a huge fight, the doctor was able to get his feet into a much flatter position.  Since he is still out cold from an exhausting day yesterday, I will post pictures of his new look at a later date....

(Week One)

(Week Two)


  1. I'm so sorry. It takes 5 people to do a blood draw on Andreas. We have had to go through the screams, tears and fighting for EVERY procedure he has had done. I HATE it!!!

  2. Poor guy. I know he'll look back when he's older and thank you, though.

  3. Aww, poor little guy! Julia, is it possible to give him some type of sedation before they do the casting? Sounds silly, but I worry about the trauma he is going through. Not only the procedure, but having to be restrained by that many people has to be scary for him. He's fighting mad for some reasons that you may not be aware of.
    I'll be Praying for all of you! Love to Sweet Aaron ~ JO

  4. Oh my, I was wondering how it went. I will continue to pray pray for little Aaron; and for you all to have strength to endure these difficult times.

    God bless you,


  5. Wow! In just one week I can't believe the change in his feet! This is going to be an amazing summer for him!

  6. I was thinking that too Hansina! You can see the difference in the angle of his feet!

    Hang in there Julia! Praying for your little sweetie pie!

  7. Poor baby. I have to agree with Jo. Isn't there some way that they can give your poor boy some sedation before they cast him...For everyone's sake?? I must say that he looks adorable in the pics. He is such a handsome little guy! Will continue to pray for him.

  8. Sweet Aaron... Julia my prayers are with your precious son. Oh how I wish he could understand why this has to happen. My prayers are his until this work is complete.

    Love finds a way,

  9. Dear Julia,
    I was wondering whether there was some way to explain (in his language or in pictures) about the many different casts and how when it gets warm he'll be able to walk better? Maybe figure out a calendar and the days till it's over? I know you would have to guess high so he wasn't disappointed, but maybe with a bit of understanding he could cooperate more. He's old enough to begin to understand marking off days on a calendar, I think, and you said he is smart. Or, does he already understand and just hates the idea? I am also very supportive of bribery! Any incentives you can think of? I am thinking of acting out him tiptoeing and falling down, getting ouchies on his face, then showing him with different colors on his legs, showing the feet able to walk flat. Or, does it hurt so much that he just can't get past the pain of it? I agree it is a necessary evil, but just wish there was some way he could see the upside of it all. He is so sweet!

  10. Prayers for you and Aaron and the family. He will get acclimated to the casting schedule in time and you just have to keep being his cheerleader/biggest booster/best mom ever! No biggie, right??!! Hang in there...the results are SO worth it!

  11. WOW the difference is amazing. Poor guy :(..... I can't wait to see the finished result.


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