Wednesday, February 9, 2011


29,000 dollars. 

That is how much money we ended up needing to rescue Aaron from a mental institute.

That is a lot of money.

Before anyone panics - it was not the normal amount for Aaron's country.

We are far from rich.  We struggled with how in the world we were going to raise that kind of money.

We had a few thousand in our savings account but that went quickly.  Too quickly.  Where in the world were we ever going to find the rest of what we needed?

We decided that we would sell everything that we had of any value and borrow the rest.

People were shocked when we told them.  How could we sell everything - would that be fair to Ben and Elijah - our sons.

Our answer was simple.  Aaron was our son.  In the same way we would sell everything for Ben and Elijah - we would also sell everything for this son whom we had never seen but whom God had placed on our hearts.

There was absolutely no difference.

Selling everything is a small price to pay for a child.


But God surprised us.

He provided what we needed.

Not in one big chunk. 

It took time.


But little by little...

Bit by bit...

The money came in.

In small bills and a few big ones.


That is what completely blew us away.

The amount of people who donated money for a little boy across the ocean.

We wanted Aaron to know.  We wanted him to see with his eyes how treasured and loved he is.

So we wrote - on a 500 piece puzzle  - every single name of every single person who gave to Aaron.

No matter what they gave.

And this week - that puzzle arrived - framed - beautiful.

It was my Dad's gift to Aaron.

Every single name a testimony of love for one little boy.

So many gave that we had to write names around the outside of the puzzle.

No he doesn't understand. 

I know one day he will.

And for all those who helped us bring our son home...

For those whose names are written on Aaron's puzzle...




  1. Thanks for posting! My husband and I have talked about doing this.....what a beautiful way to piece together the story of how our kids come home...

  2. It is such an awesome visual and tangible expression of the commitment you had to Aaron and how God surrounded you with others who would undergird your choices. We love all of you and I can hardly wait for our whole families to get together later this year when we are all in the US!!

  3. What a wonderful TANGIBLE idea! That is a wonderful treasure.

  4. I love it. A work of love and a work of art!!! A masterpiece....Aaron that is.

  5. Wonderful! Just Wonderful.



  6. I love it!! What a great idea.


  7. A picture is worth a thousand words....what a wonderful gift for a precious boy. Your posts continue to inspire me! Thank you. Alycia

  8. Aaron is so loved by so many, what a beautiful testimony of that love.

    Love finds a way,

  9. What a beautiful gift for Aaron. I love it. Hugs

  10. Wow! It's amazing to look at it like that and know each puzzle piece has a name; and then all the names written around the outside of it as well. I like how the puzzle is open in the back so you can see those names. What a beautiful gift from your dad!

  11. You are amazing. Your dad is amazing.

    I am impressed and inspired.... just like I am every time I visit your blog!

  12. I LOVE your Dad! :) Well, I love you too! What a beautiful gift and I can't wait to hear about the day he is able to understand what those names mean! What a precious gift for him! :D

  13. I couldn't visualize how to see the back with the names once framed, but so glad you showed it in the photos!

  14. Wonderful idea! Definitely may steal it, too. I hope you don't mind if Misha gets a puzzle one day, too.

  15. Awesome!!! I love that idea!
    Hey - I just stumbled onto a blog for the House family a few minutes ago and thought of you!
    Could you please give some words of encouragement to Martin's family - maybe you already have - any way here it is - Thanks!

  16. Oh fun! I think our name is on there some where too. . . and we feel a special bond with Aaron . . . putting your "money where your mouth" is does that to you some how . .. you knwo?! ;-) So thankful Aaron has you . . . and I LOVE your idea . . it was fabulous!

  17. Oh so precious! God Bless you and the 500 people who helped Aaron come home. (((HUGS))) and prayers with happy tears of joy!

  18. So Precious!! We may do somthing like that for Brian. I have felt connected to you because our sons were in the same area...We are trying hard to get to Brian before they transfer him. I watched your story unfold...I prayed often for Brady also...Praise the Lord he has a family!! They live close to us, Brian and Brady will get to play together soon...Lord willing. Anyway, I really love this is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing!

  19. I think that is about the coolest thing ever!

  20. That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Such a tangible reminder of how loved he is.

  21. That is absolutely amazing. What a beautiful idea and keep sake. Thank you for sharing.


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