Monday, February 14, 2011

Car Ride

I don't know about any other boy who is adopted but our Aaron LOVES trains. 

Before we walked him out of the institute, he had NEVER EVER seen a train. 

When we visited him at the institute we had a book that had a picture of a train in it and we would point it out to him but he would just glaze on by it because it had no meaning to him.  After we gave him the Thomas trains in our last week of visiting; the picture in the book finally clicked for him.  All of a sudden he wanted to see that picture over and over and over again.

Now when we pass a train track he will holler TRAIN from the backseat. Pure Joy. 

He just plain loves trains. 

So I am as excited as can be that the 200 piece puzzle being donated for Jonah is a TRAIN PUZZLE!
Melissa and Doug 3132 - Eagle Canyon Railway Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle
I think that puzzle will look quite beautiful on his bedroom wall!!

So far I have 21 names to write on the back of that puzzle.

Chances are that Jonah has NEVER EVER seen a train before.  He probably has no idea what they are, what they sound like, what they do. 

It breaks my heart that a little boy across the ocean has never had the joy of watching a train go by. 

Jonah may not know about trains.....

But Jonah will soon learn about cars

In a few short months Jonah is going to get a car ride.  He is going to be dressed nicely and lovingly by his nannies.  They will probably stuff cookies in his hands to eat while he is riding.  They will hug him - whisper words of reassurance in his ears - maybe even kiss him one last time. 

They will smile and wave goodbye so as not to frighten him. 

Then they will turn away and weep quietly as they walk back into the building. 

 Little Jonah will be so amazed at the world outside that car that he won't care too much about his destination.  It is a long ride - several hours. 

At first they will travel up a long straight highway. 

If it is the proper season - he may see fields of these:

If he is anything like Aaron though - he will be much more interested in the cars and trucks on the road!

Eventually they will turn off and drive into the countryside. 

Jonah will no longer be riding on a paved smooth road.  His driver is going to have to dodge holes and he will definitely experience a good bit of jolts as they travel down this road.

For a long time Jonah will see little but fields and hills, but if the caretaker in his car is kind - she will point out this most beautiful sight to him:

After 30 minutes of driving farther and farther away from the busy highway down an exceedingly rough and bumpy road, Jonah will begin to notice houses along the road.  

And some animals. 

It is doubtful that Jonah as ever seen beasts like these.

Soon they will begin to enter the outskirts of the village...

After rounding several curves - Jonah may notice a fence with brick buildings behind it. 

Around the corner and Jonah's car will arrive at a gate.  Chances are it will be locked. 

Sadly - it is here that Jonah's world will come crashing down. 

He is going to be extracted from the car and taken inside that gate. 

He is going to enter a world far different from the one he just left.  The children he lived with every single day of his life, the nannies who cared for him, the small rooms, his crib, the toys, the little playground - all gone.  

 The chaos that will confront him will shock and frighten him.

Once he leaves that car and enters through the side door, he will not exit that gate unless he is sick, dies or until he ages out at age 18. 

Then he will experience one more car ride. 

 To an adult facility for men.

That is what Jonah faces in just a few short months.

His chances of being adopted after that car ride will decrease significantly and may even end.

He is just a little boy.

A cognitively normal little boy.

He shouldn't face a car ride to nowhere.

He just shouldn't.

Please - pray that Jonah finds a family before he has to face that car ride.

Please post this little guy on your facebook and in your blogs.  Help him find a family.

Donate to his fund (and make sure you let me know if you did). 

Holler with me.

I hate to think that Jonah will end up as a Lost Boy.

It just plain breaks my heart.


  1. Ouch! That hurts to think about...really hurts.

  2. I hope Jonah gets a family soon and gets to see the world.

  3. One of the things that is really sad, is the 45 year age difference is enforced fully in all of these cases. I cannot fathom that because somebody is 1 or 2 or even 5 years too "old", even though they would want to take him, it is not allowed, yet he is instead doomed to a life behind a brick wall! How is this better? How can they not see that? It just makes no sense to me.

    Our sweet daughter almost made that trip. Had it not been for an orphanage director who put his job on the line and HID her until we could get there..... she would have been in an AWFUL place. He knew that, and we are forever thankful to him.

  4. Click on the button at the top of the page that has his picture on it - you can donate there!

  5. we just donate to RR and then let you know so you can put the name on the puzzle piece! The train puzzle is absolutely beautiful! And this post about Jonah is such a true visual of his future without a family!

  6. Hi Julia,
    My name is Juliana and I have been really burdened for Masha & Eddie and have been praying for them. Is there any way that you could email me and let me know if there is any updates on them. Thank you so much!
    ~ Juliana K.

  7. Yes - you donate on RR and then let me know!!

  8. Hello! I donated to his fund and I am praying hard!!! Thank you!!

    Carolyn Arceneaux

  9. so sad. I am praying for this sweet little guy.

  10. Julia, my husband Jack and I donated to Jonah via RR and he is in my prayers daily. I would go get him myself if I could!

  11. Can you tell me anything more about Jonah? You said he is cognitively normal... where can I get more information? Do you happen to know if there is a limit on family size? I already have 5 children.


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