Wednesday, February 9, 2011



  Yep.  The cute little guy in the video now has a family.  Does that not just want to make you break down and cry.  It does me.  I need to go get some kleenex. 

Thank you Lord.  Thank you!

No rest for the weary though....

One down - hundreds more on the Reece's Rainbow website to go.

I'd love to see every single child on there adopted by the end of the year. 

That would be amazing.

Today - I was given my marching orders to advocate for another little boy from the boss lady!

Thanks Andrea!

  Another precious treasure.  If he doesn't find a family - he will end up in Aaron's institute


Probably on the same floor as Aaron because he is COGNITIVELY NORMAL. 

This little guy only has 5.00 in his account. 


His name is Jonah. 

He is very high functioning, smart, physically able, precious and in desperate need of a family. 

He is tiny.  Just a little tiny boy who has some physical issues (Aperts syndrome) but who is LOVED by the orphanage workers.  LOVED. 

He will be swallowed up in Aaron's institute.  Break my heart.


Jonah needs money and Jonah needs a family.


He just turned four.

So please - help me! 

You can put money into JONAH'S ACCOUNT HERE.

Put him out on Facebook.

Holler.  Yell.

We don't have a video and I don't know if there are other pictures to grab heartstrings.

But this little guy needs help.  Soon.


  1. God can make those five measly dollars multiply! I can´t wait to see this miracle unfold. I just watched "Baulgaria´s abandoned children" and it shook me to my core. I hope and pray little Jonah will never end up in an institution.

  2. Oh my word....I'm so excited here I'm doing a happy dance. I was Alexander's prayer warrior. Oh my, I can barely type this. Woo hoo God is so good!!

  3. You know I have always loved Jonah! He's just the sweetest, sweetest little thing ..... I would LOVE to see him as someones special little boy.

  4. Julia, my 8 year old daughter had picked Jonah as her own when he first appeared on RR. She has since prayed for him every night and is his own unofficial prayer warrior. The 5 dollars you see are HER 5 dollars. Yes, please do holler, pray and storm heaven. This little boy needs a home and what an encouragement if my blessed little 8 year old daughter could see that God has indeed heard her prayers.

  5. Oh, sweet Jonah... he stole my heart the first time I saw him! I'll spread the word.

  6. I shared his link on Facebook.

  7. Am thrilled to give to a fund for this little boy. I have taught children with Aperts Syndrome.They are the sweetest, most kind and friendly children you can imagine. Hope he finds a family soon

  8. He's precious, my youngest son is Jonah, I just love that little name. I've donated $5 this week and will give up eating out next week and donate what I would've spent.

    Many blessings!!

  9. Krista, your daughter is amazing! That $5 is just the beginning, now we all need to follow suit of a wonderful 8 year old! All those $5 add up!!

  10. Julia, Can you email me? I have a couple questions about Tori. THanks,

  11. Oh Julia! This just breaks my heart. He is four days younger than my youngest. I can't even imagine. Thank you for advocating for this precious boy. I will be joining you in praying this boy home!

  12. Oh, sweet Jonah! He has a special place in my heart because we are also adopting a little boy with Apert Syndrome from Eastern Europe (Kody on RR). In fact, I'm glad to see Krista from commenting here because I've been trying to get in touch and let her know we are adopting Kody, but her blog doesn't seem to accept comments. If you are in touch with her, maybe you could pass on my contact info? Thanks! By the way, Krista, that is so precious about your daughter. What a tender, thoughtful heart she has!
    I hope Jonah gets a home quickly - I'd love him for us someday but he's in a country that doesn't allow large families to adopt, I believe :(

  13. He is precious! I have just posted to my FB :)


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!