Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Funnies

(Rob writing)

It's time for a break from all of these tearjerking posts. For your amusement (we hope), we now present the family Dialogue of the Week, held on the way home from church on the topic of possibly adding a third car to the family motor pool.

Julia: No, your Dad wants a Ford Fusion, I want one of those cute little Punch Bugs.

Rob: We are not getting some chickmobile Punch Bug!

Julia: Well, what's wrong with being a chick? I'm tired of being the only girl in the family. I'm going back to the Ukr**ne to get us a girl!

Ben: You can't! You are NOT going back again. You had your chance to get a girl, and you chose Aaron instead!

Julia: No, God chose Aaron! I want to choose the next one!


Don't get any ideas. We're not adopting again anytime soon-- at least, not from any country that requires adoptive parents to demonstrate a respectable income.


(Julia writing)

Unfair!  I am outnumbered and surrounded by a collection of six-foot testosterone breathing neanderthals who spend all of their free time eating every good thing in the house before I even get a taste! I happen to like little Punch Bugs!  I happen to like 'chickmobiles.'  I don't need BIG cars with HEAD room.  I can't help it that all of the men in my household are too big for a normal sized vehicle!   And to make matters worse, my sweet little son from across the ocean has been corrupted by the other beasts in the family, and he is now chiming in with the rest of them that I can't have a Punch Bug.  The absolute nerve!!  I need a girl who will vote with ME.


  1. Too funny!

    Hey, have you heard that Burmans are having trouble with their adoption now? I saw a prayer request for them on another family's blog. Praying for Tori!

  2. YES, you do!!!!! In sky blue, with a convertible top : ) In the back seat, a pink floral Radian car seat containing Masha.

    What a beautiful vision....



  3. I vote for you Julia, I vote for you!!! And a little girl in the mix would be absolutely perfect, don't you think. The two of you in that car, riding with the windows down, singing girlie songs....perfect!!! Hugs

  4. lol careful what you wish for because sometimes it backfires on ya.. my daughter often sides with her dad lol


    Julia, daughters are WONDERFUL! Sons are GREAT as I very well know, having two of them. But I love me my girls--two--and on the way to my third! But I'll warn you . . . they bring a LOT of DRAMA to the family!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

  6. one vote from me. i have 3 daughters, does that up the vote to 4 from our family?

  7. Oh, yes you need a girl!! And a Bug!! Having a girl in our family definitely helps balance things out; before Darya I was outnumbered 4:1 :-) I would love to go back one day and get Darya a sister, but that won't be for quite some time.

  8. LOL all in due time!
    The tables turned out our house when our youngest son was nearly married..... :)
    We raised our 4 boys... and I was ALWAYS outnumbered. I think I can still quote BraveHeart, and I used to go to bed, but could not sleep until after he yelled "FREEEDOM!" ugh.

    Now, dh is being treated to Charlotte's Web, Emma, and a whole SLEW of horse/girl movies! LOLOLOL

    Unfortunately, the girls eat like the guys.
    Except for Sarah of course. :)

  9. ha haa haa.

    hey, isn't that dog a girl??

    You better start being nicer to her ;) She's the only ally you've got!

  10. At this very moment, I'd be happy to send you a 13yr. old girl who is stomping her feet and making quite a fuss about something. hahahaha But then again, I'd be coming to get her before the day is over because even with her 'stubborn side', I need her and she needs me! ::)

    Hope you get that girl someday!!! Oh, and the punch buggie too! I think they all come with a cute little flower too! tee hee hee

  11. I'm with go girl!

  12. Yeah, we are even steven around here, but Angela and I are ready to tip the scales in our favor! Everyone here is on board...just...well...there are issues.

  13. As the mother of 2 girls and 5 sons, I can totally understand! We are going to even up the odds a bit by adopting 2 girls from Aaron's country and are hoping that the baby we have on the way will make it even Stephen! Chickmobiles rule! A good compromise would be a VW Jetta. 45 mpg and the diesel engine last forever! Not to mention it's a SWEET ride! Rooting for ya Julia :D

  14. haha...speaking from one of your dedicated readers that happens to have 3 older brothers, I agree! I think they all need a little girl to spice things up...and to ride in your bug with you! Cute post!

  15. I'm awash in the testosterone sea at my house least until we can get our Caroline home! So I vote for you getting the Bug. Candy apple red or PINK, if possible! :)

  16. I'm your man! Well, woman! And I'll help you go get a girl from Ukraine or Russia (well, if we're going to dream, may as well dream big!)

    Julia, have you used the argument of the economical mileage you'll get with your 'chickmobile'? Money talks... lack of it talks louder (we would know!)...

    :D Love you!!

  17. Hey here's a chick that's voting for you! I'm so glad we are going back for a neanderthal so my other one at home doesn't feel out numbered :) No that's not the reason..... but it will balance things out around here. Yay more blue laundry.My guys are always making fun of me especially when I'm talking on the phone. I still love them.

  18. I'll vote too!! You need a punch bug... and a girl!!!!

  19. I have five girls and let me tell you I am way more outnumbered than I was when my older boys were all still at home. The girls are truly daddy's girls and always side with him but the boys always stuck up for me:)

  20. You really are outnumbered! I think if your guys weren't soooooo tall you'd have a better shot.

    PS Hi Rob! You rock!! (He reminds me of my daddy!)

  21. Oh yes, you need a girl!!!! My boys are great, but do you have to jump on the little package of ketsup in the parking lot so that it squirts all over your shoes? Can't you think of anything else to do besides jump off the roof onto the trampoline? Don't you think it would be fun to get a pedicure and go shopping with Mommy for the day? Ok, so my daughter isn't quite with me on the shopping but I'm holding out hope that she will be someday - or maybe our new daughter will be my shopper. Either way, girls are awesome and I hope you have one someday!!!

  22. I know! Adopt Molly!!! she already loves you...(and obviously Aaron) and Rob reminds her of her own daddy ;) she can have 2 families. :) :)

  23. You totally need a bug! (And a girl to ride around with!)
    I have a Beetle in blue. His name is Sparky. ;-)


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