Monday, February 7, 2011


Guess who?

Have you figured it out???

That's Tori!

That my dear friends is for whom you have been praying!


Actually her name is going to be Reagan Faith.

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece - Child of the King!

God Wins.

Do you understand why we are shouting?

Those pictures speak a thousands words....

This is what it's all about...

Rescuing the least of these.... those without a voice... those who can't defend themselves... those who are deemed worthless and uneducable.... Pure and simple rescue....

Reagan Faith

The very first child to be adopted from this institute.  The first.

Thanks be to God!


  1. Will I EVER make it through one post on your blog without being a teary-eyed mess at the end Julia?? :) This is such a wonderful post. Yay for Reagan and her new family!

  2. Goosebump pictures :) :) :)

    I am SO HAPPY for them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That little smile on her face....well, there are no words for that....

  3. What a precious treasure. God is moving and it's awesome to watch.

  4. Rejoicing that Reagan is being rescued!! Praising God that the director's heart was softened and Reagan is able to be adopted. So Happy for her and her family. :)


  5. Oh, HAPPY Day!! We've been following along and praying and God has answered. What a day!! Now for Masha and Eddie and Gage and the thousands more...
    Please keep posting about your Aaron and so many more and keep us praying.

  6. Oh God she is beautiful!!! The first... imagine that. Unbelievable!! What a miracle.

    btw, i'm with Sarah above I basically start crying as soon as I see you've posted something.

  7. Just as cute as in her older picture! I'm so excited, not just for her, but for the potential this decision brings for others kids in the same institution. Praise the Lord!

  8. So blessed by this news. Look how happy she looks in her mama's arms. God is great!

  9. A loud HURRAAAYYY!!! just went up at our house:) Praise our LORD!!

  10. She is beautiful! Thank you Jesus!

  11. Today I feel like crying and rejoicing! Sweet beautiful Tori has a family, she has love, hope, and joy!
    3 years ago is when I first found Reeces Rainbow, that day I saw a little sweet face, I fell in love. I have had Tori's little picture on my wall, titled "My Inspiration for the Future", ever since! As a high school student then and a university student now I cannot go rescue these angels, but I can pray. Pray I have and now the answer, TORI IS GOING HOME!!
    Thank you so very much for this post, for this glorious news!
    God Bless,
    Sarah B

  12. This little one moved my heart the first time I saw her- and I have been hoping for her ever since. I was excited when she had someone committed- I think this is the first time a blog has driven me to tears of joy- that she has a family and that the director is allowing her that gift!!!

  13. Oh, you've made my day!! I've been looking at that precious face on RR for 2 years now (!?!) and too see that she FINALLY is in her mama's arms is sooooo exciting!! I'll be so glad when and if her mama opens up her blog - I want to watch Tori/Reagan BLOOM!!

    Oh, happy day!! God wins again!!!

  14. What a blessing to have so many prayers answered. Many, many thanks to the director for allowing this little treasure to join her family.

    It's so encouraging to see a smile on that sweet little face, chubby cheeks, a cute hairclasp, and warm, appropriate clothes. These details speak volumes. Someone there has cared about Tori (and no doubt cares for other children as well), and that's so good to know.

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from U.

  15. Wonderful news about Tori!! Thanks for sharing. Also, someone mentioned Gage ... looks like he has a family too, if this is the same boy:

  16. Amazing.... GOD is so good!!! I want to hear all about her... so post the link as soon as there is one...

  17. More than awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God.

  18. That is such great news!! Is that the same institution Masha may go to? Do you have any more details on how it went with the director??

  19. This is so beautiful! I have been praying like crazy for her.... THIS IS JUST so great!

  20. oh my! she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! having only seen the younger photo of her it is amazing to see these pictures! she is so awesome! what a happy day!

  21. I´ve been praying for Tori for a long time (what first got me was her name Tori, it´s like Tor the Norse God of Thunder) and I couldn´t understand why no one had stepped out in faith to adopt her. So I´m thrilled that she has a family now, absolutely thrilled!

  22. This is so wonderful. We are the family that went to Ukraine in 2009 to adopt Tori. We got all the way there and were told no. We now know that God had a bigger miracle to work in Tori's life and that he had another family for her and another child for us. God is glorified SO MUCH MORE by Tori's story now than He would have been if she had just come home with us. It's taken me two years to get over it and I still hurt but TODAY, knowing that Tori has a mom that loves her, I can let her go. Thank you Jesus for loving the orphans!

  23. I have no words.... this leaves me totally speechless. The gratitude that our prayers were heard is just overwhelming. Congratulations to the Burman family with a beautiful daughter! And congratulations to all those children that are no longer lost- and the lucky families that will find them.

  24. Praise God! What a miracle, what a blessing. I can't believe how much Tori has changed from the earlier pics of her ... wow! So happy she is going home with her forever family. Praising God for opening up the heart of the director at the institute to allow her to leave.


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