Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never a Choice in His World

Me:  Aaron - What do you want for breakfast?

Aaron:  (cute smile - no response)

Me:  Would you like eggs?

Aaron:  Nope

Me:  How about toast?

Aaron:  Nope

Me:  How about eggs?

Aaron:  Nope (Big grin on his face - He loves this game)

Me:  Would you like cereal?

Aaron:  Nope

Me:  Would you like some eggs?  (You ask why I keep asking if he wants eggs - BECAUSE I KNOW HE WANTS EGGS)

Aaron:  Nope - no eggs (giggling)

Me:  (Getting a little crazy) How about the rug?  Would you like the rug for breakfast?

Aaron:  Nooooo!

Me:  What about Pooh Bear?  Do you think he would be good?

Aaron:  (laughing) - No!

Me:  Would you like some eggs for breakfast?

Aaron:  NOPE!

Me:  You sure you don't want toast?

Aaron:  Nope.

Me:  What about delicious eggs?

Aaron:  Nope.

Me:  Okay.  You must not want breakfast.  I'll go in the office and do some work.  When you are hungry you just let me know!

Aaron:  I WANT EGGS!

Me:  Oh my - So sorry I didn't give EGGS as an option!!   Eggs it will be!


Jonah doesn't get a choice for breakfast.

He doesn't get a choice for lunch either.

Dinner - No choice.

No choices on what he wants to wear or whether he goes outside or stays inside.  No choices about which videos he would like to watch or books he wants to read.  No choices about riding with Papa in the truck or staying home with Mama.  No choices about whether he wants to play with his trains or build a puzzle.  No choices between wearing boots or tennis shoes. 

Never a choice in his world. 


He will not be asked.

Which world would you choose for Jonah?

Someone out there needs this little boy so they can cook him eggs for breakfast.... or maybe cereal... he might like pancakes... or toast.... or cinnamon rolls....I bet he wouldn't turn down a donut....

Jonah needs a choice.

Please post Jonah on your blogs - share him with the world. 

To make a donation for Jonah - click on the button at the top of this blog that has his cute little picture on it. All donations are tax deductible and every single penny goes to Jonah's adoption.

Please let me know if you have donated to Jonah so I can write your name on the puzzle and so that you can be in the drawing for the Cross!

I now have 29 names to write on Jonah's puzzle.  171 more names to go!


  1. I donated to Jonah....and I am praying his family finds him.

  2. I donated to Jonah. I hope it helps.
    I work with adults who have learning disabilities in the UK, and have very fond memories of spending time with a young man who had apert syndrome.

  3. I have a donation to make, but I want to make it count double! I will put in $600 if someone or more than one person will match it. I think we can raise $1200 more for Jonah by the end of the month. What do you guys think?

  4. What is the minimum donation to have a name on Jonah's puzzle. My children would like to donate (ages 3, 11, 14, and 16) and I would too. We don't need to be put in the drawing for the cross but would love to be a part of Jonah's puzzle.

  5. Will be reposting on my blog (prayer page) and adding a button. Will be praying for the little one as well.

  6. Just donated to Jonah - and while I was at the RR site I poked around and did you see?! MASHA HAS A FAMILY!

  7. To the person who offered to donate 600 if someone would match - please leave me contact info!! THANKS!

  8. Just donated to Jonah. Reference: 5H2441857D208834H. Thank you for advocating for these precious children. I cannot do much - but I pray daily for them, and give what I can. God bless you all.

  9. Julia- the post about the donation matching was from my husband- you can email me at michellepfrantz@gmail.com

  10. Thanks for responding to my comment. My family donated $30.00. We would love to have Steve, Katrina, Joshua, Jared, Jacob and Nevaeh put on the back of little Jonah's puzzle. We four children each gave from their own money. We have been collecting cans for other families who are trying to adopt from Reeces also. I just wish more of my friends would climb on board and help give too. Maybe one day they will respond.

    Also, I am trying to get Reeces to sign up for my husband's matching fund too. Hopefully they will be able to do so soon.


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