Saturday, February 12, 2011

Round 6

Round 6

I never shared that Aaron's Round 5 casts were University of Virginia colors - Blue and Orange!!

This week he chose red and black.  Pictures coming soon of those casts.

The car was a present that Aaron opened after NOT screaming when they took the casts off (thanks Tracy).

Yesterday was Round 6 at Shriner's.  I won't go into the LONG VAN RIDE details.... Let's just say that next time Aaron decides he needs to use the facilities when we are in the middle of Baltimore - we will NOT use the GPS to find the nearest bathroom/restaurant!  We will instead pull over and use the side of the road.  We will NOT use the GPS because it will find you a great restaurant, but then it find you an alternative route home based on the location of that restaurant that will mean you will drive around the WRONG side of Washington DURING RUSH HOUR and will then spend hour after hour in bumper to bumper traffic.

I am so thankful that Aaron considers driving in the Big Shriner's Van to be a privilege.  I am so thankful that he enjoys watching the cars and trucks and that the full extent of his fussing about how long he is forced to sit in that van while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic is an occasional "I want to go home" sigh. I do wish that he would consider it okay to sleep in that Big Van because then I could grab sleep too!  Sadly, each time he dropped off to sleep yesterday, the van needed gas or the men needed to change drivers or someone needed to use the bathroom or we were home. 

Our 6th casting round was uneventful - Rob did not go so I was on my own to hold Aaron down.  This Mama has a bad tendency of crying along with him during the procedure but fortunately he can't see me!  I don't think I am the only Mama to cry while their child is crying.  I have a sad feeling that it is never going to get easier.  Never.

What would be a Shriner's trip without meeting and greeting other families.... 

We got to meet the ENTIRE RIEBEN clan! 

And I thought I had my hands full....


The ones that are NOT adopted - are Triplets....

Taking a picture with 9 children is quite an adventure....

Instead of spending hours cropping faces to present one perfect picture of 9 wiggly children.... take these three pictures and use your imagination!!

We also got to visit with another adopted treasure, Zeke, and his parents for the second week in a row. 

They are a great example of how 'It is a small world.'  Last time we met we found out we had much in common.  We shared how we both have older sons, we both homeschool and we both participate in a homeschooling co-op.  As we were talking, they began to discuss between themselves whether their friends "Donna and Delton" lived in our area.  I about dropped my jaw.  Not only do "Donna and Delton" live in our area - they happen to be friends of ours!  How fun is that?

...And in case you are wondering about the cross around Aaron's neck.... One of the families adopting from RR was doing a Give-away for a cross.  I donated to it, but since I never win anything - I begged them to make some extras for the boys for a 2nd donation because I knew that my sons would absolutely LOVE a cross made out of nails and wire.

So they made me three crosses....that look like this in different colors....

All three boys LOVE them and I even have one extra BECAUSE I WON THE GIVEAWAY!

So I am going to GIVEAWAY my extra cross. 

If you make a donation to my DEAR SWEET JONAH over the next week - I will enter your name into a drawing.  The winner will get my fourth cross!  If you have already donated... your name is already on the list!

Remember:  You need to tell me if you are donating to Jonah since I can't access those names.



  1. That boy is looking good Julia! He looks so olllllllld. How do you not just smooch him all day? He is so cute!

  2. Julia, I wear & give away these crosses as part of my personal ministry. If you would wear it, I'd love to give you one to keep for YOU to replace the one you're putting in the drawing. From a friend (you haven't met yet) who is drawn closer to Jesus by following your story. Julie


  4. Thank you so much for talking about these sweet little ones. I wish I could go get them all. I have one daughter adopted from Russia in '04. I'm unable to adopt again myself right now. I just do what I can to help others adopt. I donated $100 to Jonah's adoption fund just now. I'm praying for a forever family for him.
    Allison in TX


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