Friday, February 4, 2011

Whose Little Boy?

Will you take a few seconds and watch this video?

Isn't that the cutest the little guy?

One little boy and one ball.

Don't you just rejoice that he has someone to play with him?

That someone loves him enough to take videos of him in the yard?


He doesn't.

This is Alexander.

He is in a mental institute.

This video was taken while he was at the orphanage.


Life Sentence.

Someone PLEASE go get that little boy!

And dear Masha - precious - smart - smiley - adorable Masha - she WILL be transferred. 

This is Masha.  On Tuesday. 

This is what Shelly wrote about her:

Masha is in the same groupa as Carrington and just turned 4 years old. She has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and is the sweetest little muffin. Do not by any means let the diagnosis of FAS scare you off as Brian and I were blessed yesterday to be able to interact with her for close to 15 minutes and in that time she dispalyed more skills and cognitive abilities than most children we have encountered. Oh my is she a complete doll with a great sense of humor and a smile that lit up the room. We started playing peek-a-boo and immediately she copied us and just giggled up a storm! She also was talking to us, in Ru%%ian, but nevertheless she was talking. Then I started blowing her kisses and she acted as if she was catching them then laughed out loud. The reason the picture is not all that great is because we are not allowed to take pictures so I was distracting the workers while Brian took the picture.

So here is where prayer matters.  The Burmans are going to go to Tori's mental institute on Monday.  They are going to plead with every part of their beings for the director, who is currently opposed to adoptions, to let them adopt Tori.  If she agrees then Masha and Eddie both have hope.  If she says no - then the door slams shut for all three children and many many many more.  What the Burmans are doing on Monday is HUGE. 

Precious children who will spend the rest of their lives locked away unless the director has a heart change.  Prayer matters.  It does matter.

Please pray that the director's heart would be changed.  And please pray that Alexander and Masha and Eddie and so many more little lost souls would have families step up - willing to cross the ocean to rescue them!


  1. Praying really hard for them especially after the article I read today about the Dr. Phil show and the mom who put hot sauce in her adoptive son's mouth and then made him stand in the cold shower. I wish people would think about the outcome of their actions before submitting this kind of junk and that Dr. Phil had a brain. Of course they never focus on the other 99% of Americans who do not abuse their adopted children. Or what happens to the Russian children in their orphanages and institutions. Oh my heart is heavy today after hearing about this because it is just going to make things so much harder for these poor children to get adopted.

  2. That video has me in tears. What a heartbreak. Praying for these precious children.

  3. I will be praying for that director's heart to turn towards these kids' adoptions. Praying for those sweet babies and for the Burmans to be used mightily. Can't imagine anyone not falling in love with Alexander after that video.

  4. I will pray for these dear children...

    Please also pray for my dear husband for trust and to dispel fear, I proposed a RR adoption to him last weekend...

  5. I'm Alexander's prayer warrior. It breaks my heart that not one person has ever inquired about him. Can you imagine, not one person. He is so sweet. My heart aches everytime I think of that. Hugs

  6. i am going to repost this on my blog and facebook and twitter. Hopefully someone will come for this precious boy.

  7. "Scrappy quilter,"

    Thank you so much for all that you do for Alexander! I will never forget that little boy. Oh, what I would do to comfort him! I never said "goodbye" to him. I never held him, never hugged him. I never told him how much I love him. I could have done so much more. Thank Our Heavenly Father for my dear Alexander's guardian angel. His angel can do more with him now than I can; Nevertheless, we are all called to serve. I ask that anyone that reads this does everything within their power to help those in need, like Alexander, through prayer and action.

    Sending angels,

  8. Julia, how can I embed the video on my blog? Oy vey, that sweet boy. HE NEEDS A FAMILY!


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