Sunday, March 13, 2011

Abandoned - Aborted

This is Jonah.

He needs a family.

He has Aperts Syndrome.

Aperts should not disqualify him from having a family.

Where he lives it does.

This is Heath. 

He needs a family.

He has Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome should not mean that he should automatically be institutionalized.

In his country it does.

This is Easton.

He needs a family.

He has Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy should not mean that he has to spend the rest of his life in a crib.

In his country he will.

This is Aaron.

He has Arthrogryposis.

Arthrogryposis should not mean that he is both physically and mentally disabled.

In his country it did.

In Eastern Europe, little ones like Jonah and Aaron and Easton and Heath are left at the hospital.

Abandoned.  Hidden.


Are we any different in our country?

Do we have the right to point the finger?

Chances are - in our country - The good old United States of America -  Jonah and Aaron and Easton and Heath would not even have been born. 

They would have been aborted.


Abandoned.  Aborted.

Both Wrong.



I just can't bear the thought.

Aborting such a priceless treasure!

Jonah, Heath, Easton may look different on the outside but not on the inside.  In fact I bet the family who adopts them will have their worlds turned upside down.  They will be changed.

Forever changed.

  Those little guys - They are going to teach their families about love and laughter and joy.  They are also going to teach them about pain and struggle and sorrow.  Their hearts are going to be broken.  Over and over again broken.  They are going to have a greater grasp of love and redemption and grace.  Their relationship with God is going to change, grow deeper and become much more meaningful.  They are going to understand God's heart better because their hearts are going to be broken by the things that break God's heart.  They are going to begin to see as God does, to care as He does and to move and act as He does. They are going to wonder how in the world they ever survived without them.  Nothing in their lives will ever be the same because though they will cry and grieve, they will also laugh and rejoice and wonder at how they could ever have doubted and worried and wondered if it was good and right to cross the ocean to go get them.

They are going to marvel at how different the world looks because they chose to see and accept what the world can't see and accept.

What the world deems unacceptable.  What the world would abandon or abort.
How do I know?

Because we adopted an abandoned, discarded child who would have been aborted if he had been in this country and who has completely rocked our world.

And we will never, ever be the same.


  1. This is beautiful and so well said!!!

  2. It absolutely breaks my heart that they are discarded and unwanted. WE are the blessed ones to have Darya. SHE is a priceless jewel in our eyes. I wish more people could see the value of their beautiful children.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Can I send this out through the IDSC for Life?

  4. I have a friend, a classmate from school whom I recently found out has Apert syndrome. I have known him essentially all my life; we were in Kindergarten together, and graduated high school together! He is an excellent co-worker, devoted College student, and extremely talented bowler! (he proudly recently bought himself a BRAND NEW car! Heck, I've never owned a Brand New Car!!!!!

    I just can't understand why my friend, and Jonah, are considered unworthy, unteachable, by "THEIR" standards?

    What a terrible shame! I Pray Jonah's family comes along SOON to rescue him! Darling Jonah has SO MUCH potential! So Much Love to offer!



  5. How I love your posts--just beautiful!

  6. It makes me sick that Easton was transferred. He was in Alina's groupa and he was just such a cute sweet boy. He's in an internat though, not an institution. His needs are so mild, i hope someone steps forward and brings this sweet boy home soon.

  7. Thanks for posting this. Sad but true situations. 'God don't make no junk (evangelist David Ring)'.

  8. Oh, Julia - love this post. When our children's anomalies were discovered prenatally, some of our doctors mentioned abortion. It breaks my heart (& sickens me) at how quickly people jump to that conclusion as a solution... and at all they will miss out on . LIke you with Aaron, I can't imagine life without Elile & Will - the world is a better place with our precious ones in it!
    thanks for posting such a thoughtful, meaningful post.
    Aaron is just adorable!

  9. WOW! Powerful post Julia! Speaking the truth! Powerful! WOW!


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