Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Prince Two

A few weekends ago Elijah starred as the Prince in the Little Mermaid

This past weekend (and also this next weekend), Ben is starring as Rapunzel's Prince in Into the Woods

He's hysterical in the part.

And his singing.... well ... let's just say that both my boys knock my socks off!

Having both sons playing in two back to back great musicals has been exhausting but so much fun!

We have one more weekend of shows. 

I am so very proud of both of them!!


  1. I love the fourth picture down,I can almost hear them singing Aaaaagonyyyyyy! LOL Kudos to your talented boys!!

  2. Before you know it Julia, your young handsome knights will be pursuing a lovely maiden for real. May they be all that these maidens desire in a godly man. And may they be virtuous maidens for His kingdom ! I can just see it .... singing to their brides at their wedding :) I know they'll roll their eyes at this , but maybe not.
    Luke 2:52

  3. Those are great pictures of the boys and I can just imagine you smiling behind that camera as you were taking them!! Wonderful!

    Love finds a way,

  4. Did you video it? Could you share a clip of them singing, I would love to hear it. They look wonderful. You must be so proud to have such handsome young men.

  5. I didn't take the pictures of Ben because I am with the piano player turning pages for her. I paid for those 5 pictures!! Rob is trying to keep Aaron interested so he cant' take pictures either. The show is a bit over the little one's head! I don't honestly get to watch much of the shows as I do all the backstage directing. This is the first show where I actually get to be IN the room listening! LOL! So no - we don't have video of them singing. Elijah's pictures are from the dress rehearsal and not from the actual show!

  6. Great pictures! I wish I could have seen both shows!!

  7. Looks like he had a blast. I was into the woods a few years ago as well, and enjoyed it a lot. Its a great show!

  8. I bet those boys are wonderful in their parts!! I wish I could see their shows!


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