Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teeth and Hurricanes

Our little fugitive lost his first two teeth in a world that didn't care.  He lost his third tooth a month ago but promptly swallowed it.  Gone.  The tooth fairy - well - she said that she was not going to have to pay for those teeth.  She thought she was off the hook.

But when the fourth tooth came out this week and he carefully held it in his mouth and dropped it into my hand.... with utter joy on his face.... I had a long talk with that old tooth fairy.  (Yes, I am able to talk to tooth fairies!  I have that power.)  I made it clear that she owed him for ALL FOUR TEETH.  She just plain needed to pay up.  She fussed a bit.... moaned and groaned as she pulled her wallet out... and grudgingly forked over what was due!  Score!

Since the little fugitive lived in a drab and lonely world that didn't involve tooth fairies and teeth under pillows and money payments, explaining to our still learning English son was a bit much we skipped the requirement that the tooth be placed under the pillow.  Instead we placed that precious little tooth in Aaron's brand new tooth bag which now also contains his tooth fairy payments that he will get when he is a little more aware of the process!

For now that bag is in Mama's jewelry box nestled happily next to the bags of his two older brothers.


In the adoption blogging world it is very easy and tempting to give a picture that is glossy and nice.  To sugar-coat life with a newly adopted child.  To neglect to share the hard times and issues.  I mean who wants to expose the ugly?  Who wants to let the world know all of your dirty laundry?

Well - I have decided to let you know that life with a newly adopted child is NOT all glossy and nice.


We adopted a hurricane.

Before Aaron our little family area looked like this:

And now....

Well... Let's just say that we can no longer find the floor.

At first we thought we had hit the jackpot when we brought Aaron home. 

He was the cleanest kid on earth.  Every toy was carefully picked up each night and put away.  He delighted in putting them away.  He was so NOT a typical American child. 

Oh, we were in heaven.

But for some reason... he changed.

Now he is a whirlwind waiting to happen.

Yep - We adopted a Hurricane and I am very sad to say - my house will NEVER be the same.

And I will also say for the record - He is no longer amazing at picking up his toys!  In fact he moans and groans and sighs and whines just like every other American child! 

Just keeping it real on this blog!!

More realness to come...


  1. LOVE your lived-in living area. And the cute boy in the middle of it all. Just hope you don't step on a lego!

  2. Looks like there is alot of play going on in that room!! LOVE IT that way. I have a little 'tornado' of my own...those train tracks really hurt when you step on them LOL!!

  3. OH MY!!! Julia, I just love your funny posts!! Give that lil storm a hug for me!!!

  4. Looks like my house.

  5. Don't you DARE rain on my parade! Axel seems to ENJOY picking up his toys, and won't leave his room without putting away whatever it is he had out. His train table (also in our living room) is always neat and tidy. But I have noticed...just this week...little things. Shhhh I'm choosing to keep my rose colored glasses on.

  6. Haha, that looks just like my house thanks to my 6 yr old daughter! Except the floor and tables are covered with polly pockets, barbies and tons of color books, paper, crayons, markers, etc.
    I just found your blog a couple of months ago and I love reading it!
    Shelly in MN

  7. <3 it :).. and you know you wouldn't want it any other way :)

  8. Aaron has officially found the joy of being a child! It is a day to rejoice, Julia:) He is at HOME.

  9. I love to see messes in other people's houses. It makes me feel better about my messy living room!

  10. Thank you for posting the photos of your living room. Looks a lot like ours... And here I thought that I was the only one who 'ruined' my kids who used to be so neat and tidy. I don't know what happened, either.

  11. I think the hurricane is a result of unconditional love. Keep pouring it on, our boys haven't had the love of a family all their lives like most of us have taken for granted. Our family room looks the same - we recently brought home one year old David from Russia. We feel so blessed!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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