Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Zoo Part 2

Come on baby giraffe....

Come on....

Come get our food....

Just a little bit farther....



Inside the budgie pen.... two older brothers had fun making friends...


This place is beyond words!!

Papa and the camel...

Right after this picture was taken... the camel decided that being fed by hand was for the birds...
It snatched the cup out of Rob's hand and drained the contents!! 

Aaron feeding the goats....


Heading home...

Feeding all the animals was hard work... good thing I have a strong Papa to carry me!!


Praise the Lord - CAROLINE'S DOSSIER WAS SUBMITTED TODAY!!  Thank you for praying! 

Please keep praying for VICTORIA and for her family.  She is still in fairly serious condition.  They have been told that her body was in shut down and she would not have survived much longer without intervention.  Thank you thank you to all those who have reached out to the family in so many tangible ways.  It has been such a blessing to them to know that they are not alone during this extremely difficult time.  If there are still people out there who have time and energy and live in the Atlanta area... the family is NOT turning away help at this point.  Meals, babysitting, housekeeping (Catherine has NOT been home for 7 week - her house is in desperate need of some tender loving care), donations etc.  Please go to Carrington's Courage to let Shelly know you are available to help!!


  1. The Budgie Pen is our favorite attraction at the Ft Worth Zoo! So much fun!

  2. Thanks for the comments and the prayers Julia!! :) I have been delirious with excitement that our dossier was submitted after three months of waiting. :) Praying the next waiting time is shorter...and for that short list of special needs to get muuuucccchhhh longer.
    Also, I want a hat like Aaron is wearing in the zoo pics! Did you buy that in-country?

  3. Looks like a really fun zoo to go to with the whole family. I was so glad to hear the Goodmans got submitted. What an answer to prayer. I do hope David will get a chance to see little Caroline and snap of picture of her. Something to keep the smiles going for that sweet family. We'll continue to pray for them and Victoria and family.

  4. Those EYES. I cannot stand how beautiful his eyes are. I really wish I was in GA so I could help, instead I'm sending money and prayers.


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