Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Aaron Part Two

He thought Christmas was over.

Happy with his stocking in his lap.

Surrounded by candy and some weird pieces of paper he pulled out of his stocking.

But he was happy to oblige when we told him we needed to put Baby Jesus in the manger.

And those papers.... 

Mama told him that was his Angel Tree money.

Oh What Fun to decide which babes were going to get his money....

He searched long and hard and then settled on four worthy babes...

                                   Randy                                   Carter                                   Tomas


Me thinks Aaron wants the boys to be adopted!!

Elijah was next up to choose.....

He was very thoughtful in his selections but worried that his money would make but a drop in the bucket for his picks.  It gave us good opportunity to discuss how God is able to multiply our small offerings.

Elijah picked Penny and Orson. 


Ben didn't want to choose.   He agonized over having to pick a child when the need was so great.  His tender heart broke just seeing all the babes.  He asked us to make his pick for him and when we refused he picked the little one who had the least amount in her account and gave her all of his money.



I knew who he was going to pick.  I knew when I was putting the Angel Tree money in his stockings.

I waited to see.  He looked through the screen quietly and then said, "Where's my little man, Paul?"

Paul. One of our Passed Over Babes.

I was right.  He captured Rob's heart a month ago and still has a firm grip.

Dad had us scroll slowly through the list until his eyes fell upon Alexander.


The little guy with the cute little elf ears.


He was my pick too but Dad didn't know it because he wasn't in the room when I chose my babes.  I thought that was a bit fitting - we both chose the same little one.

My other picks were...

                                 Bennett                                  Abbott                                   Matthias

Yes, I go for the boys too!!

It was precious.

Taking the time to consider the babes.  Choosing for the most part the ones who were still struggling to get over the $1,000.00 wall.

If that was all we did for Christmas - it was enough.

But the Living Room was calling.

Trains and presents were waiting.

 But Aaron was oblivious....focused on the contents of his stocking.


No memories of what we did last year.  Just enjoying the moment and thinking that it was enough. be continued....


  1. :) oh, what fun! so wonderful to see Aaron using the extra range in his elbow...... and so creative to use his legs to power his arm!!

  2. LOVE THIS, Julia. You guys are the best!

  3. If all of us could be as content with so little I believe we would all be a lot happier....

  4. Aidan's AT dollars were his favorite gift. He opened everything, didn't play with a thing then went straight to the computer to choose his kids. Love it!


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