Friday, December 9, 2011

Fatherless Friday

Woo Hoo!!

All of our Passed Over Kids are now over the $500.00 WALL!!

I checked the Angel Tree yesterday... looking and looking for Paul because he is the little one who has been lagging behind everyone else.... What fun to see his picture on the other side of the $500 wall.  I was laughing out loud in my office when I saw him sitting there!

I mean look at this little guy.  The more Rob and I look at him the more we wonder why he goes so unnoticed.  He's such a good looking little guy.  I look at him and long to reach into the picture and pull him into my lap.  If you look closely you can see that he is standing in his crib. Hanging over the rails.  His jail cell.  No wonder he isn't smiling.  

And Nikita and Yegor...


They are little blonde haired imps.   I can just imagine what Nikita looks like when he is smiling.  I bet his eyes just light the sky.  And Yegor... He just plain cracks me up when I look at his picture.  He's got a mind of his own.  Can you just see both these little boys sitting at your table?  Running through your house?  Playing in the sandbox?  Wrecking wonderful havoc in your world?  

Arina?  What can I say about her with her sorrowful eyes and scratched up face?  Her picture is just plain rotten.  It breaks my heart to think she has been passed over because of a lousy picture and a bad haircut.  She needs a family who will look beyond her LOUSY PICTURE and see the little girl inside.  The family that steps out in faith for sweet Arina - I bet you are in for a massively wonderful surprise.  Please someone leap off the cliff for this little girl.

THANK YOU to the 97 people who have NOT PASSED OVER these babes!

We have now raised $5744.00.

Our new goal is to get our $500.00 kids over the $600.00 wall.

Arina only needs ONE DOLLAR to get to $600.00.
Nikita only needs $80.00 to get to $600.00.
Paul only needs $93.00 to get to $600.00.
Yegor only needs $95.00 to get to $600.00.

And boy would I really like to see at least ONE of our kids jump the 1,000.00 wall soon!!  Mark, Meredith, Dimitry, Danila and Spencer are all SO CLOSE!!


Okay... FOURTEEN... I can't leave Jack off.  He's the sweet one down at the bottom of the page.  I just want to thank all of you who have quietly been adding to his grant account too.  His account has slowly been rising over the last week which makes tears leak out of my eyes.  Thank you.  

   Yegor                                   Arina                                          Paul 
                                  $505.00                              $599.00                                     $507.00
                      Yegor's Christmas Warrior                                                                  

   Nikita                                        Dimtry                                      Mark 
      $520.00                                       $754.00                                      $805.00

 Danila                                         Spencer                                     Meredith   
  $750.00                                        $876.00                                      $830.00  
     Danila's Warrior                          Spencer's Warrior- ME!!             Meredith's Warrior

 Robyn                                   Jin Wu                                     Sergei      
                                $2514.00                              $1,396.00                                 $2019.00
 Robyn's Warrior                       Jin Wu's Warrior                    Sergei's Warrior   

Artem's Warrior

In our Passed Over Babes Giveaway we have over $600.00 worth of prizes included....

Over at A PERFECT LILY - my sweet friend Patti has a Pure Love Giveaway going on that is worth $1,000.00 in prizes....

When you give FIVE DOLLARS to TWO OR MORE kids above and  LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE - I will enter your name in our Giveaway - ONE ENTRY FOR EVERY CHILD!! THEN...  CLICK HERE to let Patti know that you donated and she will enter your name into her Giveaway too!!



IF you BLOG about these kids..... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.


IF you FACEBOOK or TWITTER about these kids... you get another chance to win in our Giveaway.

Give FIRST, then share and share.....

Put their faces out there.  Let people know these are the PASSED OVER  BABES who have sat far too long on the Angel Tree.  THEY NEED FAMILIES. 


 1.  A KINDLE TOUCH - (99.00 value)

2.  FLIP ULTRA HD VIDEO CAMERA 8 GB 3RD GENERATION - Newest Model (150.00 value)
Product Details

hand stamped jewelry
Each and every piece is handcrafted from start to finish in the studio. They use sterling silver and freshwater pearls in their creations!!

by Rob and Julia Nalle
5.  A set of 4 hand-carved wooden Christmas ornaments (50.00 value) 

 6.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card 
7.  A 50 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
8.  A 25 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
9.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card
10.  A 10 Dollar YOUR CHOICE Gift card.

These YOUR CHOICE cards are to ANY store, restaurant, mall etc. that you desire. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!!  Amazon, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, Kohls, etc. etc.

Will you help the PASSED OVER BABES??

They have been on the Angel Tree since 2009. 


If you have trouble leaving comments in Internet Explorer - then switch to another server (Google Chrome works great) or FB me... JULIA NALLE

And because I just can't leave him off in case someone somewhere is looking for a sweet little 11 year old boy....
My sweet Jack....


  1. I just donated to Arina P. and Yegor :)

  2. Julia, I just wanted to tell you how much your posts have moved me. You have a way of writing that touches the soul and I can feel your passion for these little ones. Just a few monthe ago I found out about Reeces Rainbow from a homeschool magazine and began looking at the site. I was too late to be an Official warrior but I chose to come along side two of these chidren, Zoey and Benji26h both from the same orphanage. God has given me His heart for these children and although I am into healthy living I have to admit that I am sending candy bars to school with my son that he is selling for 1.00 to help raise funds for these kids, it's about 10.00 a week we make for profit. Anyway your posts for Heath are especially touching and I am praying for all the children to find homes. I check almost daily to see whos been picked and am usually moved to tears as I look at there little faces, especially when one gets chosen that is not nice to look at. I am convinced there is a family suited for each one of these children. I would so love to adopt some of these children, there are a few big things that stand in the way, but I know that God is able to move those mountains, please pray for my husband and our family to be able to do that if God desires. Thank you for helping the least of these and may the Lord bless you and be glorified through you. I don't know how these blogs work if you have access to my personal e-mail when you recieve this but if not my e-mail is Diana Tyree

  3. Just Donated to beautiful Yegor and Arina!!
    I thought I left a comment but can't find it. Sorry it it's duplicate!!

  4. I just donated to Yegor and Paul. Praying that they each find a family and are never passed over again.

  5. Donated again. Arina and Yegor.

  6. Hi Julia,
    We donated but you don't need to put our name in the give-away. You can put some other person in there in place of us.

  7. We donated to all of the children including Jack.I am praying these children home. Diana


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