Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas with Aaron - Part Mayhem

It started out serene.

While Aaron was playing with his new "Granddaddy's" truck, Elijah had distributed the presents so everyone had their own pile.

We don't always do it that way but felt for Aaron's sake that it would be better for him to see his pile since he still was pretty oblivious to the fact that there were presents under the tree for him.

To say he was thrilled at his pile would be putting it mildly.

We took turns, going around the circle, enjoying what each person had received.

There were definitely some laughs shared...

Yes, Elijah gave Ben toilet paper in retaliation for Ben giving him a large, stuffed My Little Pony last year....

Gee thanks Mom!!!

But mostly it was pleasant.

Each of us enjoying what the other had received.

I was taking few pictures and just enjoying the peaceful moments....

Peaceful and quiet with the MESSIAH playing in the background....

Then Rob opened a gift.

It was from "Aaron".

Being the mature man that he is... He set aside his gift and waited for the next person in line to open HER gift....


He tore into that box like a kid in a candy store.... laughing all the way!!

Shooting all of us defenseless minions in the room...

But then Ben opened HIS gift from Aaron...

And the war began!!

When Elijah found HIS Aaron gift....

Mayhem erupted....

This only added fuel to the fire!!

Oh Yes.... It was pure Mayhem in our Christmas room....

Except for Aaron....

A midst the bullets sailing around his head..

Despite getting his very own Aaron Gift...

He plugged away quietly and happily, opening every one of his presents..

Happy Happy Boy in the Midst of a Christmas Gone Wild!!

A Christmas I doubt he will ever forget.  

Merry Memories little fugitive from across the ocean... Merry Memories to you...


  1. You had me really worried ever since reading part three. I was truly worried - now so happy that it was such a happy funny mayhem! Wonderful to see Aaron's pleasure while opening his gifts!

  2. awe...precious.

    And fun :) :)


  3. Could you please stop doing posts that make me cry? Just kidding! I love it! Thanks for letting us share your Christmas morning. Aaron and his family sure are blessed!

  4. I am laughing out loud right now because we got the SAME EXACT guns from Michael and did the same thing Christmas morning. The cease fire has not happened yet. Although we're minus a few bullets thanks to grand kiddos :)So happy to see you all celebrating Christ's birth together.
    P..S. I'll be back in Philly on the 8,9, & 24- 30th.

  5. Absolutely love your family. What a great Christmas and I love Aaron busily opening his presents amist the chaos! LOL

  6. OH Julia how I smiled and laughed at this! Mostly because that would be my husband right there starting the whole fiasco!

  7. Hee hee! How fun... What a great family you have!

  8. This has brought such joy to my heart, friend. Rescued. I pray for the millions more, like Aaron, who haven't made it home YET. One by one...
    The joy on your sweet boy's face is priceless.


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