Friday, January 13, 2012

Fatherless Friday

This is a LONG OVERDUE Fatherless Friday!!


I promised months ago I would support a fellow blogger in her lonely pursuit to get the zero's erased on all the Reece's Rainbow children who are 6 and up. 


 She e-mailed me in October and asked for help and I have wanted to do a Fatherless Friday to support her ever since.  

Kolya   Drew

To make sure that every child listed on Reece's Rainbow who is six and older has at least $5.00 in their grant account.


It doesn't seem like much.

But when you see a $0.00 under a child's name.... 


Well....It just kind of makes your heart bleed a bit.


Doesn't anyone care?  Is this child worth so little that they don't even merit $5.00?? 


I feel my friend's pain.  The older kids are the ones who are least likely to ever be adopted. 


Their ages scare people off.  They are no longer cute and cuddly.


Bonding is sometimes harder.


The orphanage behavior is often increased.

And with no grant money.... Well... The cost can seem way out of reach!


And the boys... the hard to place boys... They are the ones least likely to be adopted with no grant money.


Time and again - they are the ones left behind.


So on this Fatherless Friday... Will you help?

Zero the Zero's?  

EVERY SINGLE CHILD ON THIS PAGE HAS A $0.00 UNDER HIS NAME.  These are ALL the boys on Reece's Rainbow who are 6 and older.   They have NO GRANT MONEY.  Nothing.  Not one nickel that indicates that someone out there cares.  

Will you care?  Will you pick one or two or a few more and make a donation to their grant account?  These are precious treasures.  Boys created in the image of God.  All of them stuck.  Many of them sitting in cribs or in wheelchairs with nothing to do day after day.  All of them would benefit from being in a family.  Not one should be left behind.

Will you help Zero at least one Zero on this Fatherless Friday??



For those who do....I thank you in advance....


    1. I picked Ruslan. What a cutie!

    2. How can Zane (the Chinese boy wearing the black and red tuxedo) have zero? I have personally donated to him numerous times and I have several Angel Tree ornaments to prove it. Where did his money go? :-(

      1. Jill - In the old system - when a child aged up to six, their money was combined with all the other children to encourage the adoption of the older kids. A few months ago the over 6 kids were able to keep their own grant money but those who had money previously now have to start from scratch. I know I donated to several of the kids too over the years. The money was NOT wasted - it just allowed a family to adopt another older child. I like this system MUCH BETTER.

    3. I put $10 in 5 boys' accounts! Zeros no more!

    4. Thank you so very much Julia for sharing my zero the zeros campaign on your blog - I cannot wait until I get home this evening to check and see how many less zeros there are !! I don't have time during the day (I run a daycare) - but will definitely share the new numbers later this evening !!! THANK YOU !!!!!! ~ Jenny

    5. Hi Julia, I remember in a past posting about Igor (the little cutie that was just transferred) that someone had raised money for him but had to wait for a family to commit because of the old system. Now that the system has changed why has the money not been put in his grant account?

      1. The money donated to any older child was pooled. That money was then given to the next child in line who had a family commit. So it was used to adopt a child but just not Igor.

    6. We are inquiring about adopting one of the zeros on this page!


    Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!