Sunday, January 8, 2012

God and God Alone

I stole this collage from Sarah White.

Look at these babies. 

I scan through these pictures and I am in awe at how many have been on our blog in the last two years.  So many whom we have prayed over - cried over.  So many whom we thought were lost forever.  Little ones barely hanging on - others transferred to far off places.

Look at them.

All of them are home.

Every single one is an answer to prayer.

Every single one.

196 babes.

Jonah, Emory, Gavin, Levi, Jordan, Sam, Vera, Vika, Ian, Kirill, Baby J, Zara, Brady, Daniel, Madeline, Gabe, Yuri, Jonathan, Peter, Clayton, Julia, Eleeza, Katya, Jonah, Grady, Cameron, Eden, Mia, Evan, Anastasia, Victoria....

The list goes on and on and on...

196 less orphans in the world.

All home.



  1. So so amazing! Praise God!


    Did you hear about the adoption tax credit petition? I have more information about it in this blog post:

  2. This collage brings tears of joy! Just beautiful!!!

  3. That is a beautiful sight! Praise the Lord!

  4. Yes, my daughter is on that collage! Yes, she is home and loved beyond imagine!!! God and God alone!!!

  5. Only one of our two baby girls that we adopted and brought home last year are on the collage, so if she were to be added, that would be 197 HOME. Praise God!!!

  6. Awesome. God works in the most amazing (if often mysterious) ways. May many more come home in 2012!!! With our faith in the Lord it will happen. God Bless.


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