Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Are Not Done

 We are halfway through this Giveaway. 

We've worked hard and we have served up some good bowls of soup.  

It would be easy to think that we have done enough.  Some orphans have been fed.  $15,031.28 has been raised.  That is an amazingly good Giveaway.   It would be really easy to sit back and say that we have done enough.  It would be easy to give in to weariness at the halfway mark.  It would be easy to think that sharing once or twice is enough.  It is easy to think that we have given enough.  

I disagree.

This is what awaits Jack and Maria and Vika and Alina and Sasha.

Empty-handed they will be dismissed from the orphanage when they age out and empty-handed they will stay.  This picture is a REALITY for thousands upon thousands of children in Eastern Europe.  The ones who are not destined for the mental institutes are almost certainly destined for a life on the streets.  Except in a few places where the church has risen up and begun to minister there is no one to care for them.  No one to be their safety net.  

God forbid that Jack and Maria and her sisters and brother end up in this situation.  God has placed them in our hearts.  They are our responsibility now.

I say that we need to be like the widow in the New Testament who keeps pounding on the judge's door begging for justice!!  We need to pound and pound and pound and pound.  We cannot stop pounding until midnight March 31st.  That is when we can stop and breathe.  We have not come this far to die out.  Please share and share again.  Not to guilt but to remind.  There are over 130 orphans who are being SERVED AT THIS STEW.  We cannot forget the Lost Boys who are PART OF THIS.  We have EIGHT orphans who NEED families.  We have to be a voice for the families in Katie's orphanage because they desperately need funds and because there are 220 other children in that hell hole who need hope breathed into them.  We need to remember that MARIA WANTS A FAMILY.  She wants a Mom and Dad.  Every one of these orphans wants a family.  They do not want to lay in their cribs or sit in their wheelchairs or be put out on the streets.  They want homes.  They want love.  They NEED TO LEARN about their Savior.  They cannot do it without us.

We cannot be satisfied with a halfway goal.  We cannot sit back and feel like we have done enough.  We have NOT done enough.  There are 140+ million orphans in this world.  We have not done enough.  

We are being a voice for a very small part of the orphan problem.  No we cannot save the 140+ million orphans - but we can save Laurel and Harmony and Jack and Igor and Victoria and Heath and Hanson and Emmitt.  We can support and pray for 12 families who are adopting a whole bunch of orphans.  We can support Alyona and Slavik's ministry to the Lost Boys.  We cannot do everything but we do this one thing.  It may be small but it matters.   We may not raise 30,000 - but we are raising our voices for those who have no voice and if we make nuisances of ourselves... THEN SO BE IT!!!

We are halfway through BUT WE ARE NOT DONE!!!

"A Common Stew for an Uncommonly Good Cause!"


We have raised $15,031.28 for our Mulligan Stew...
236 people have donated!



  1. Oh my heart is in pain...sweet Jesus!


  2. Donated $10 to the Heims and $10 to the Archers. Wish it was more, but praying God multiplies it!

  3. I donated $5 to Jack. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Julia,

    $25 to the Heim Family and $25 to Igor.

    Karen in Canada

  5. Can you comment more about Bernadette's family situation? We are very excited that a family is welcoming her! -Kirsten & Kari

    1. I don't know who the family is who is adopting Bernadette... I am as in the dark as everyone else!!! Can't wait to follow their journey though.. They are also adopting another little one from that institute too who has DS. Two rescued babes!!

  6. I donated to Makayla's family. But maybe I didn't do it right?

    1. e-mail me if you have specific questions and I will help = covenantb@yahoo.com

  7. Oh Sweet Julia!
    Thank you so much for not relenting and continuing to yell for God's precious children. I have to share with you and everyone reading what my Irina(our 10yr.old daughter adopted from Ukraine)said just the other day about Jack. Jack has been on Irina's mind since the night we stumbled across his profile on the Project Hopeful website. When I read to Irina what Jack said to a visitor at his orphanage, "Do you know anyone who would take a boy like me. I am alone. I have no one.", she yelled, "Mom, we have to go adopt him right now". She obviously felt that same away at some point in her 8yrs at the orphanage because everyday since then she talks about Jack. She wakes up in the morning and says she dreamed about him. One morning she was very upset and insistent that must go adopt Jack because in her dream someone was trying to hurt him. We revisited his profile to learn that our family could not adopt Jack because we have 5 children in the home and his region requires no more than 3 children. We explained to Irina that we would not be able to adopt Jack because we have more than 3 children in our family. She continued to question this answer as though searching for a way around it. Finally after much thought she yelled" Mom, I know what we can do"."It can be my WISH"!"I want my "WISH"to be for our family to go and adopt Jack"!" Call Miss Jamie and the lady with yellow hair and tell them this is what I want for my Wish"! You see, because Irina has a chronic illness she was granted a wish through the Make a Wish foundation. However, she has not yet decided what to wish for. It has been a hard decision for a little who had nothing and has no idea what to even ask for. They have shown her vacation spots, swimming pools,and room redo options, but still no decision until she heard Jack's story. My sweet sweet Ira. She could have anything she wants, and she wants Jack to have a family, so he will not be alone anymore. I am in awe that God gave me this precious child to learn from. She is the first to remind me to pray when I become upset and she's the first to think of others who are hurting. I love her heart. Man, must the Lord be pleased with her faith. How do I tell her adopting Jack can not be her Wish? How do we say NO to this? I've asked about the region requirement of no more than 3 children in home, and there's no way around it. I too wish we could rescue Jack. However, I pray that Irina will get her wish, and a family who meets the requirements will step out in obedience to the Lord's Word's and care for Jack in his distress (James 1:27). The pictures you posted of the children living with no one to love and care for them is heart-wrenching!!! You can see the distress in their faces! I am speechless. I wish I could close this truth away in my mind and never think of this horror again, or forget what I saw when adopting Irina and Anastasia. Ignorance is bliss I always say. However,now that I know I can't rest. I can't stop praying for these children,for Jack,for Heath,for them all. Thank you for not stopping. You have cried out for so many including our Anastasia since you got home with Aaron in 2010. Thank you for helping us and so many others. May the Lord richly bless you and all the Mulligan stew families.
    Irina's mom

  8. I donated $10 to the Heim family, and $20 total. It seems as if it's nothing, but I have to keep thinking about what you said....that every amount DOES count. I would like to start giving regularly but hardly know where to start -- so maybe for now I'll give regularly to these families listed on this blog till I see them finally get adopted! As you said, we can't save all, but we can save some. God bless and God speed,

    Julie Burnette

  9. Julia, I donated $10 for the Heim family, and $20 total....I want to start regularly giving monthly till I see all these kids adopted. It seems so little, but I just remember what you said, no amount is too small and all amounts are important! (or something to that effect). I feel the Lord guided me here to help carry the load along and I will cont. to do so.

    Sincerely, Julie Burnette

  10. Julia, I donated $40 to Heath and $40 to Jack. $80 Total. Thank you for continuing to advocate for these children.


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