Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Her Reece's Rainbow name was Lynette.  Her real name, Tsveti.


She lived for 11 years in a crib.

She never knew what loving hands felt like.  

As Shelley Bedford so poignantly put it:  SHE DIED ALONE.


We grieve for this little Lost One.  We grief because she was listed for adoption but no family ever crossed the ocean for her.

She was left behind.

She truly died alone.

So did all the Lost Ones in these graves.

They died alone too.

Ask Jane.  She was at this mental institute and saw where they were buried.

No one to hold them.  No one to call them their own.

Oh church.  Is your heart breaking?

Mine is.

Each time one is lost.  

It is why we do we do.

It is why we are yelling so loudly.

Every single one matters.



  1. Tears in Wisconsin.


  2. Grieving for Tsveti, but rejoicing that she is safe, free, and filled with eternal joy now.

    And praying for all those who wait...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  3. That is so sad and I pray that this encourages more families to step up and commit before another child dies alone!

  4. :( My heart is so broken, even as I know she has the most wonderful Father now...she is no longer alone, but I'm sad she couldn't know the earthly pleasure of a mommy and daddy.

  5. Hi Julia, is it okay if I repost this post on fb and my adoption blog? This is Sally Healy.

  6. Heartbreaking! This shouldn't happen to any of these children.

  7. my heart breaks! There is nothing like seeing shallow graves in a field that's never visited to bring home reality in a way your heart never recovers from! xxx

  8. Thank you for bringing respect and dignity to little Tsveti's too short life. She deserved to be loved. My heart breaks at the thought that a church with millions of professing members did not choose to feed, clothe and love her. God forgive us and help us to change. Soon!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!