Saturday, June 16, 2012

If Only One??

Yesterday I asked you to CLICK HERE and go watch the video.

Then I asked you to vote.  And then vote again.  And again.  TEN TIMES.

An EASY request.

10 minutes maximum of your time.

Some of you did it.  You voted.  You not only voted 10 times, you voted 20 and 30 and 50 and 100.

But some of you rolled your eyes.  Scanned the pictures of the boys and moved on.

It seemed too silly.  

And rather hopeless.

And a little bit pointless.

I mean... some guy has made some video and wants you to vote for it.

He's going to run in a ridiculously hard race and wants to run for a bunch of kids across the ocean.

He is hoping to garner publicity so that those kids have a voice.

A bit silly.

Ridiculous even.


If you knew that pushing that vote button would be the catalyst that God used to rescue ONE CHILD from a lifetime sentence in a mental institute...

Would you reconsider pushing the button?

For ONE CHILD?  If it mattered to ONE??

Because out of the millions and millions of people who will hear Brady's story... I can just about guarantee that at least ONE HEART WILL BE STIRRED INTO ACTION.  That would be a no-brainer!!  

Would you vote for that one heart?  Even if ONLY ONE child was helped??

If the child was the little guy holding the stuffed dog below... Would you push it for him??  Go look at him.  See him.  Would you vote so that someone would find him?

How about the little blonde haired beauty in the pink sweatshirt.  Would you push the button for him?  If you knew that it mattered to him?

Or the 10+ year old who is SITTING IN A CRIB?  Would you push it so that he might find his Mama?

Would you push it for my Heath sitting in the pink chair?  OH PLEASE PUSH IT FOR HIM!!

If you knew that pushing that button would mean that ONE of these boys would find a family... WOULD YOU VOTE?

If Only For ONE??  



Or for two... or for ten.  Maybe for a hundred?  How about thousands??

If you knew that God would stir in the hearts of thousands?

Would you vote for thousands?

Yesterday there were some who were voting all day.  Some even voted through the night.  But the competition was fierce and by this morning... BRADY'S VIDEO WAS OFF THE LEAD BY 10,000.00 VOTES.

Some of those who stayed up all night are weary in spirit this morning.

So I am asking again... WILL YOU VOTE??

Will you consider voting so that THESE BOYS HAVE A VOICE?


Will you take the time to LOOK at the boys on this page?  THEY ARE HOPELESS CASES.

They are boys.  They are over 10.  NO ONE WANTS THEM.

But if Brady wins the voting and is able to go on Television and SHARE THEIR STORY....


The mom of these treasures is voting....  SHE IS VOTING IN HONOR OF HER TREASURES... All but the one in the middle adopted from across the ocean.  She is voting and praying and crying BECAUSE SHE KNOWS WHERE HER BABES WOULD BE TODAY IF SOMEONE HADN'T TOLD HER ABOUT THEM.

Look at them!  Would you have voted for one of them??

Too many people out there DON'T KNOW about the plight of the special needs kids in the orphanages in Eastern Europe.  Too many.  Here is a golden opportunity to tell them.

It may be that by running the race and speaking for these boys that HUNDREDS will find families.  That would be amazing. That would be beautiful.  That would be well worth the trouble.

And if you KNEW that HUNDREDS would be helped... I bet you would be quick to press the button.

But honestly... I would vote if it only mattered to one.

Because one matters too.

Ben and I sat here yesterday voting over and over and over again.

It wasn't hard.  It was actually kind of fun to watch the numbers on the right corner of the screen rise each time the page refreshed and we were able to vote again.  To see that 10, 15, 20 others were voting alongside us.  Wishing there were more.  Wishing for hundreds to be voting and refreshing.  Voting and refreshing.  Oh how quickly the numbers would rise if we would have had hundreds voting beside us.

We talked as we voted.  Worked.  Laughed.  Cooked.  Enjoyed each other's company.  Yes it was a bit silly.  Even a little ridiculous.  Maybe even hopeless.

But I believe that it will matter to one and... if ONLY ONE is rescued... than it is worth it.

It is worth it for Only One.


Ten votes.  That is all I am asking. If you want to do more... I'm jumping up and down!

Voting continues through Monday.

And leave a comment so I know we're not the only ones out here voting and refreshing... voting and refreshing!!


  1. With you again today... and all day yesterday... and as long as it takes!

  2. Vote-Refresh-Repeat like a mad woman for 5 solid hours last night and 2 already this morning--even opened 2 other computers for my 2 sons to join in the fun while we watched a guy cross Niagara Falls on a cable last night. :D

  3. voting during a girls sleepover....a great way to step away from girl don't get any of that at your house!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  4. Julia we are voting here too! Brady is the reason we are bringing our boy home, and we are forever grateful to him!

  5. Voting/repeating and doing it in honor of our little boy who lives in the darkest place...and for every boy who lives in every dark place. It doesn't take long, people! VOTE! Please!

  6. Am doing it now :) And will through the weekend. Something I thought about, you might want to mention that people don't have to sign into Facebook or anything, just vote. This is very touching. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.

  7. Voting! Over and over. I don't see where to see who is in the lead.


  8. I didn't know you could click refresh until you blogged about it yesterday! I had only been voting once a day. Now I am power voting!! Thanks

  9. Tammy, ON, CanadaJune 16, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    You are right! It is kind of fun to see the view numbers rise. (I didn't notice it yesterday b/c I had my font magnified so high. lol... I am getting good at guessing how many 'Refreshes' I have to press before the Views go up by a certain #.

    You are very convincing Julia. It does make it worth it if there is a chance any of these sweethearts (or any others) will have a better life. In fact it is easy to do compared to what Brady is going to do and what parents who have adopted internationally have had to go through.

  10. Voting and refreshing every time I walk past my computer

  11. Voting...just saw it turn 180K+!

  12. Voting her too Julia. And tagging friends and begging them to vote too.

  13. I voted, both today and yesterday.

  14. Just done about a hundred. Still going. COME ON BRADY. We can win this. If only a few people can sit there all day until it ends.

  15. Voted several times and shared on facebook. I will try to do it tomorrow if I have time. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Been out at a soccer tournament all day, but back in the hotel room now with nothing to do - so lots of voting coming from me this evening :)

  17. I voted and refreshed for at least 50 times, I lost count :)
    Where can you check the progress, to see what place Brady is in? I'll keep voting some each day.

  18. just voted a bit again... will do more later...


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