Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aaron's Wish

Some people say that the orphan problem is too big.  Too messy. Too expensive.

I mean seriously... The number of orphans in this world is a mind-boggling number.  

And the special needs orphans.  

Way too intimidating of a problem.

We spend an exorbitant amount of time on this blog advocating for a tiny group of special needs orphans in Eastern Europe and Asia.  The kids that the vast majority of adoptive families DO NOT WANT.  The kids that are on the very very bottom of the ladder.

We only know about a FEW of those kids but believe me - there are millions.  

Millions of special needs babes wasting away in orphanages and institutes.

It is a HUGE problem and WAY TOO BIG for a few ministries like Reece's Rainbow or Project Hopeful.

Some people say that the orphan problem is too big.  Too messy.  Too expensive.  Too corrupt.

There are too many orphans in this world. 


What difference does what we do here make?

What difference does it make to the few thousands of kids who have been found hidden in the back rooms of the orphanages and listed.  What difference does it make to advocate for these few when there are millions upon millions more...


Adoption made a difference to THIS ONE.

What difference does what we do make?

What difference does it make to advocate for just a small amount of unwanted, castaway kids from Eastern Europe and Asia?

To this ONE child.

To our Aaron.

It made all the difference in the world.

From sitting in a shed in a hidden institute across the ocean.... to the freedom to play and run and ride a bike...

It made all the difference in the world.

Without Reece's Rainbow we would not have found our son.

Look on the logo.  Look at the top left corner.  Second row down.  Second name.


We can't save every child.  We can't advocate for all of them.  We can't fix the orphan problem in this world.

But we can make a difference to one and then one more and then one more after that.

Every name on that logo represents a  child who has come home since Reece's Rainbow started just a few years ago.

Hundreds rescued.

Advocating does make a difference.

It matters to every single one.


We have rarely ever had videos of Aaron on our blog so if you skipped watching that video... you are definitely missing a treasure!   We didn't make it - it is professionally done and it made me cry when I first watched it.  Okay...I cried on the 2nd and 3rd viewing too!!  I think you will appreciate it!!  We are so grateful for Cortney and the PT Department and Engineering Department at VCU for all they have done for Aaron!  I'll let the video speak for itself.

The VCU article can be found HERE.


  1. Ok, so I needed a happy wonderful thought today and that video gave me a HUGE smile!!!!

  2. I think I will cry every time I watch it. What a beautiful video. If ever I am having a hard day and feeling sorry for myself I just come to your blog and look at Aaron's smile and think of all he has accomplished in the short time he has been given a chance. That always seems to put things into perspective for me.

  3. Just great! We are trying desperately to feel our way through "just one" right now with a little boy in our home through hosting from the, is it difficult. But we're so hoping we are getting through to him and making that difference to "just one..." thanks for sharing this!

  4. Amazing!! Way to go Aaron :)

  5. So glad I saw this; thank you Julia. It's an inspiration.

  6. What a wonderful video! Aaron has touched and continues to touch so many hearts, and sharing his story will reach so many others. Good job, VCU - and especially good job, Aaron!

    Do you know if the new RR logo/poster/design is or soon will be available as a poster, T-shirt, etc.? I love it - it tells the story so succinctly and visually, with the starfish, simple slogan - and all those names. Great design!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  7. What a joy to see those dimples in motion!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Loved seeing Aaron and you in that wonderful video!

  9. AWESOME :) .... Loved That Smile!!! What a difference Love makes!

  10. Hi Julia, LOVE the video!!

    You know what the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING thing is?? The orphan crisis IS solvable! God has the answer and He has clearly laid it out. Christians and the local church are God's answer. There are 167 million orphans, BUT there are 2.4 billion believers world wide. The math is easy. It is so do-able. If local churches around the world stepped up, there would not be an orphan to speak of.

    Elizabeth Styffe spoke about this. I believe she speaks about it here:
    but I didn't watch the full 80 min video.

    God Bless!

  11. Wow, he's even cuter in motion! and Julia, it was so good to finally hear your voice after listening to you "scream" for so many kids. Beautiful family, and what a wonderful gift from the university :)

  12. That is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. I love Aaron.... He is such a sweet boy. I am thankful that they made him such an awesome gift :)


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