Monday, July 9, 2012

The Little Aaron That Could

All I wanted for Aaron this summer was for him to be safe in the water.  

I wanted him to be able to stand up on his own if he lost his feet in the water.  

He's technically part of a large swim team that is one of the best in the area but I never ever considered that he would actually be able to swim by the end of this summer.  I mean seriously - his range of motion in his legs is limited and his arms aren't the most helpful in terms of doing any strokes.  

I just wanted him to be safe.

That was MY Goal for my little son.

Last Thursday Aaron achieved one of my goals.  Being able to float on his back and then stand up without needing assistance.  Again - this may seem like a fairly easy accomplishment but for Aaron it is a BIG DEAL.  He is NOT afraid of the water.  He has been fearless from the beginning.  But each time his feet came out from underneath him - he was a good candidate for drowning and I was a good candidate for a heart attack.  Getting his feet back under him without being able to use his arms to propel him is dangerous.  

But this past week we figure out that when he is on his back, if he curled up and dropped to the bottom of the pool, then he could get his feet under him and stand back up.  After only two tries he had mastered that HUGE feat.  Once that was mastered.... AARON IMMEDIATELY SET OUT TO SWIM ON HIS BACK WITHOUT ANYONE HELPING HIM.

His coach is one of the BEST technical coaches on the East Coast and he had been working with Aaron on doing a modified breast kick.  But always with the noodle holding him up.  

Within a few tries... with Cos beside him...without the noodle.... he was GOING ACROSS THE BABY POOL ON HIS OWN.

THEN - HE DECIDED HE WANTED TO DO IT IN THE BIG POOL.  You know.. 25 meters across!!  Coach Cos took him over BUT WITH THE NOODLE for safety.  Aaron went all the way down and back but he was NOT HAPPY.

He wanted to do it WITHOUT THAT NOODLE.

25 meters.



He started across and just kept going and going.  No help.  Just Aaron and his little modified breast stroke kick. 

I didn't have a camera but one of the coaches grabbed hers.

The Little Aaron that Could.

Ben was standing on the end yelling for him.

I was on the other end cheering like a maniac and holding back a thousand tears.

Into his big brother's arms...

He was a bit tired and dazed and just stood there looking at all the crazy people who were cheering and yelling around him.

Then he turned and marched off because he was a man on a mission....

He got back in the baby pool so he could figure out how to stand up when he is on his stomach!!

He almost drowned in his attempt.  One of the coaches jumped in and tried to get him to rest and wait for another day but my boy was NOT going to be deterred.

Another attempt and another almost drowning until we told him to turn over.. turn over and drop just like when he was on his back.  He immediately lay on his stomach... started swimming... tried to stand... started drowning.. rolled over... dropped and stood up.

The Little Aaron That Could.

He puts me to shame!


  1. Yea! when we go to out on a limb camp and get in the pool, I can't hold back tears from all the little miracles around me. Every single child, including the child with just one arm, can swim! :) It is AWESOME!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Brought happy tears to my eyes! You go Aaron!

  3. Hip, hip, HOORAY!!! Good job, Aaron!

  4. Tears. Just in awe, of a little boy who did not let a disability hold him back, of parents who rescued him from rotting under a shed and of a loving God who sets the lonely in families.


  5. Wow! Making me cry again Julia! Aaron is just a winner - hands down - no contest. He is one amazing boy that God put in one amazing family! God bless you all!

  6. I'm so proud of you, Aaron!!!! You're doing it!!!! Kelly

  7. Way to go, Aaron! What a great accomplishment! All that hard work and determination has really paid off - congratulations!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  8. So proud of Aaron - what a determined boy you have!! His story reminds me of a girl on our local summer swim team. Annie is also in my Girl Scout troop ... she was born with agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC), a brain disorder. She is almost 12 and has learned to ride a bike against great odds (her ACC makes it very challenging for her arms and legs to do different / opposing motions). Last year I encouraged her parents to have her join our swim team. Nothing better has happened to our swim team and to Annie in all her years (so says her mom) ... Annie, as an 11 yr old, has to swim 50-yards to compete in a swim meet and she does so! And last week she had 2 swim meets where she "swam" in 3 events! She can't do the arm, leg, and breathing motions at the same time, but she is doing it. As for the rest of the team and at times for all the spectators, the character building that is taking place when the entire team is lined pool-side cheering "swim Annie", "go Annie", "kick Annie" is absolutely beautiful ... and brings me to tears every time! God NEVER makes a mistake! I am so grateful to have Annie and her family in my life!

  9. Aaron, you have true grit - we are all so proud of your determination and love sharing your success - you rock!!!

  10. Tears of joy! Can't wait to hear about Aaron racing for the team. It will be awesome. I love Aaron's determination and persistance. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Sue

  12. I seriously need a kleenex box next to me each time I read one of Aaron's accomplishments. So excited for him! He thought he could, he thought he could! YAY! Way to go Aaron!

  13. oh my goodness1!!!! that is so so awesome! Good job aaron!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness he is AMAZING!! Love his spirit!!!! :D

  15. Happy tears, happy tears!! May the good Lord continue to bless you and yours. YAY AARON :)

  16. This makes me weep. What a boy!!


  17. That's amazing! Aaron is one very special and very determined boy :-) I'm loking forward to seeing him in Paralympics - he'd go there if he set his mind on it!

  18. I was jumping up and down cheering for him as I read. My family probably thinks I am crazy. What an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Coming out of "lurkerdom" to just say that I am SMILING FORM EAR TO EAR! You GO, Aaron!

  20. Oh my, Aaron! You are absolutely amazing! I love your spirit and you're an absolute cutie to boot! Can't wait to see what you will do next!

  21. way to go Aaron!! What an amazing boy you are :)

  22. Aaron, you have places to go and missions to complete in this world of yours!!!! Bless you!!!! You have only just begun!!!

  23. YAY, Aaron!!!!! Praising the Lord for the great determination in your heart. You love life and love to learn. You are an inspiration. I love that you are enjoying the water and learning how to control your body in the water. Keep on with the great work. How great to see you swim!!!!! WOWser!!!!!!

  24. What an amazing, little boy! So determined! Way to go Aaron. We could all learn a lesson from you and your determination to reach your goal.

  25. Oh the tears!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

  26. I love this story thanks for sharing u got to this on video some time

    CONGRATS ARON!!!!!!!

  27. He's a very special boy!!!! Go dude go!


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