Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Story!

Want to hear a story?

It's about some very special kids from a very special family.

They live here in Virginia. I haven't had a chance to meet them, but every once in a while one of them drops me a line to let me know they are busy busy busy for the orphan.

They know all about orphans because their parents crossed the ocean to bring home three treasures a year or so back.  They didn't resent having three special needs kids dropped into their family.  Not these kids.  They welcomed them with loving arms and have loved on them ever since.

These kids decided that they wanted to help the Rogers family raise the funds needed to bring home Bernadette and Mason.  I think they are following the motto that big families stick together!!

The kids made a whole host of handmade treasures to sell.  Nothing that would have cost anyone more than just a few dollars each.  They made each item with tender loving care and a whole lot of prayers and love.  

Last weekend they had a yard sale for the Rogers.  On one special table they displayed all their wares to sell but even though a lot of people looked and smiled at the kids - no one bought anything.  

Then tragedy struck.  

When they were cleaning up from the yard sale, one of the helpers at the yard sale took all the beautiful hand-crafted gifts that these kids had made for the Rogers and they bagged them up and put them in the Goodwill box.  No one realized until everything was sent off that their hand-crafted items had been put in the wrong box.

When they realized what happened a few days later they went to the Goodwill but the items were gone.  GONE.  Hours and hours of work lost.  Over 80 HANDMADE ITEMS LOST!!  That is a serious amount of work!  Plus their own hard-earned cash to pay for the materials all down the drain!!

I'm sad for them.  They were devastated.  A lot of tears were shed.  But they are not quitters.  They are already starting to make things again to sell for the Rogers.  That spirit puts me to shame. 

All these kids want to do is make sure that the Rogers are fully funded.  THAT IS THEIR DESIRE.  So they are quietly making little bracelets and pretty hats and other handmade items so that BERNADETTE AND MASON can come home!


We can't replace what these kids lost but we can do something that will warm their hearts!!  We  can raise $955.00 to reach the matching goal so that the Rogers will have $1,500.00 added into their account.  It will still bring them up short by $5.000 but WE CAN DO THAT MUCH!  In honor of these kids who gave everything... lost it all... but are giving again!  



$955.00 is NOT a lot.  We raised $12,000 for the Dewberry's in 3 days!  Will you drop in ten or twenty or fifty dollars and leave a comment so that the Adamson kids can read it?  Will you tell them to keep on fighting for the orphan?  Will you PLEASE?  

I mean seriously... In order for those kids to make 80 handcrafted items they had to put in THEIR OWN money for the material.  They labored for HOURS and HOURS to make those items.   Will you honor them with a gift?  "Buy" one of the eighty items by donating to the Rogers today??

We need $955.00 to match the funds and we need $5,000 to get the Rogers FULLY FUNDED!


AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT FOR THE ADAMSON KIDS ON THIS BLOG???  Even if you can't give... Even if you already gave... will you leave a comment to encourage these kids??  Let's blow them away with loving comments today!! PLEASE!!!

and CLICK HERE if you want to place a special order for some handmade items by the Adamson kids!!

And for Porter.... My sweet Porter who is sitting all day everyday in a hot shed surrounded by moaning and groaning boys.  

Porter who is a LOST BOY... Oh how my heart grieves within me to think of him there.

We have now raised $861.50 for Porter towards his $1,000 matching grant.  BUT.... ANOTHER anonymous donor has offered ANOTHER $500.00 for Porter!  So we are looking at needing to raise $638.50 for Porter.  Then he will get $1,500 in his grant account!!  WOO HOO!! 



RUMOR HAS IT THAT MORE PRIZES HAVE BEEN OFFERED SO GO OVER THERE AND GET IN ON THE FUN!!  I"m kinda interested in that soda thing but Aaron is wanting the DS game.... HMMMM.....


  1. Kids - how your Savior is smiling on your gifts for this other family....yes, it is heartbreaking that this happened - but God is using it even now to provide. Only such a mighty God could take an extremely sad thing and turn it into rejoicing! I "bought" a few of your handmade treasures just now! ;-) All praise to our Father!

  2. I went looking at gargage sells this weekend and didn't find anything in my area. The perfect treasures where right here! just bought some as well. And sweet Porter how I love his face and how heartbreaking to know he is in that horrible place. Couldn't leave him out today! Let's get him out of that shed!

  3. You need to link to the girl's blog.....

  4. I just donated to the Rogers family, with a prayer that these children will be blessed by God for their servants' hearts and their indomitable spirits. I am also praying that God will show himself to whoever bought the items at Goodwill and that he/she/they will be touched by His mighty hand of love if they do not already know Him. I know that God will reward the efforts of the Adamson kids with a crown when they get to heaven. They may have planted more seeds than they can even imagine ... God bless them.

  5. Donated to the Robinsons in honor of the all the effort and love of the Adamson children. Your hard work and love has not been in vain dear children ~ God bless you!

  6. $10 for the Rogers family and a HUGE thank you the family that gave their time and gifts to raise money for them. You guys rock!

  7. I had bought online four of the bracelets that ended up with Goodwill. I could tell in the email to me how upset they were that they had to make everything over again. It's OK. All will be made well again. I bought those bracelets to give to my grand daughters (who are the Rogers family)-I am one of their Grammas- Nammy. I donated again last night to help with the matching grant. Things will work out exactly like HE planned. THANK YOU to the Adamson's family for all of your love and devotion to the Rogers family! We all want to see Bernadette and Mason here- alive and well!

  8. Oh bless them that all their hard work was donated away (praying someone in great need gets it) Praying for their hearts and their strength to keep helping the orphans and for these grant funds to soar.

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    1. Hello dear *Adamson kiddos :) I just donated to Mason and Bernadette's grant fund, and I would not have known they needed help if it wasn't for you!! What beautiful hearts you have, and so evidently filled with JESUS. Thank you for showing us adults what it means to be a follower of Him. Lots of Love to you.

      Sorry I got your name wrong the first time! :)

  10. Julia, thanks for highlighting these needs! Adamson kids - thank you for all your hard work and HEART work for the Roger's family!!

  11. Julia - thanks for highlighting these needs! Adamson kids - thank you for all of your hard work and HEART work for Berandette & Mason's family!

  12. What amazing kiddos with beautiful hearts. Praying their goal is met.

  13. Dear Adamson kids,
    I just gave a small donation to hep bring Bernadette and Mason home because of your story! You are doing such a great work! I'm so sorry the things you made with so much love were lost! Try not to be discouraged though, your work still made a difference! The example of your love and hard work will inspire many people - you never know how many people will give because of your example. I hope you have a really special feeling in your heart when Bernadette and Mason get home - because you played a VERY special part in helping them!

  14. Hi Adamson family. Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you made to help bring Bernadette & Mason Home. They are so blessed to have you working for them.

  15. Dear Adamson children, Thank you for all of your hard work to help orphan children find homes. You are doing God's work. May your hearts be encouraged. I also appreciate Julia sharing your story. I made a donation.

  16. You are a blessing Adamson kids! Will be donating $5 for you!

  17. These are amazing kids and I donated $25 in honor of their hardwork! Love their dedication. They could teach us all a thing or two about sacrifice.

  18. Dear Adamson children: You all are such an inspiration! I know your parents must be so proud! The Rogers family is dear to my heart and I will donate to them to help make up for some of the items that got lost at the yardsale! Brooke K. <3

  19. Amanda PattersonJuly 1, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    Dear Adamsons, you have encouraged my heart so much today! I'm thankful that Julia shared your story. It is awesome to be reminded how God is able to use "bad" for GOOD! :) Thank you for spending your time and money to help others! I will donate some money to the Rogers and go put on a bracelet MY girls made for our adoption fund. :)

  20. God will use this apparent tragedy for GOOD, since all He does works all things together for our good. I look forward to seeing how He does it!

  21. Bless you kiddos, the Adamsons, for your hard work and your heart for the orphans! Keep on keepin on!! :)

  22. Dear Adamsons,

    THANK YOU so much for your hard work and heart for orphans! I especially love that you are supporting the adoption of older children with Down syndrome. I adopted my son with Down syndrome when he was 9 years old. It was the best decision ever.

    Just today I was thinking about where I was going to give the $100 tithe from a generous $1000 donation someone gave me. After reading this blog, I knew I would give it to Bernadette and Mason's family. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  23. It's such a blessing that you did all that work to bring those two precious children home. Our family is donating $20 in your honor.

  24. We donated 40.00 for those precious children. I would have bought those gifts made with love.

  25. Oh kiddos, I just love your hearts! I remember as a kid working so hard on a project and it got thrown in our fireplace at home and went up in minutes. I was heartbroken! But your work will still help these children. We'll all donate something. Thanks for doing all you did for them and we'll make sure your sacrifice don't go unrewarded.

  26. Don't be defeated, God is blessing your hands and your gifts will be multiplied! I love reading all about the families that are working so hard and sacrificing for the lives of these orphans....they are the heart of God. Thank you!!!

  27. What an amazing heart this family has. And their kiddos - surely they know that even though their handmade items were lost, God who sees everything in secret KNEW of their generosity and they will be blessed! Thank you for mentioning our sweet Ian. As usual, we always give out of our need - Amen and Amen!

  28. I love to see kids giving to kids- what a beautiful picture! Thanks for inspiring so many Adamson family! I hope that some lucky Goodwill shoppers enjoy their treasures, too.

  29. Your hard work for the Rogers family is an inspiration. I am making a donation in recognition of your effort to make a difference in the world. Don't give up!

    One song can spark a moment,
    One flower can wake the dream.

    One tree can start a forest,
    One bird can herald spring.

    One smile begins a friendship,
    One handclasp lifts a soul.

    One star can guide a ship at sea,
    One word can frame the goal.

    One vote can change a nation,
    One sunbeam lights a room.

    One candle wipes out darkness,
    One laugh will conquer gloom.

    One step must start each journey,
    One word must start each prayer.

    One hope will raise our spirits,
    One touch can show you care.

    One voice can speak with wisdom,
    One heart can know what's true.

    One life can make the difference,

    You see, It's Up to You!

  30. Dear kids,

    Thank you for selflessly loving others & using your God given talents & time to bless others. You are an encouragement to all that have read this blog. I will be donating on your behalf :)

  31. This post made me cry today, guys... but not in a bad way, in a good way. You see, my spirit is feeling down right now... like my whole life was just thrown in the goodwill bin and I can't do anything but follow it down a scary, dark road. I've been crying a lot. I haven't been praying enough. I haven't been getting up, dusting myself off, and trying again. And that's what you all did. You got knocked down, hurt, but you didn't let it stop you, you got back up, and as much as it pained you, started over. Do you know the kind of faith that takes? The kind of strength? THAT kind of faith and strength will carry you your whole lives long, if you just remember you have it living deep down inside you. I did, but I forgot, because life can get so confusing sometimes... and it took you guys to remind me. You might've made a big difference with your beautiful handcrafted gifts if things had gone a different way, but you made a bigger one this way. You've touched the lives of everyone who read this story, whether they could afford to buy one of your beautiful gifts or not (I wish I could so badly - I'm that lady that stops at every lemonade sale even if I just went through McDonald's and got a large coke... hey, I sold lemonade too... but we're just so strapped right now we're counting pennies for things that require a whole additional income!) and you've made people like me realize that we had that strength down inside us all along. *Cries again*
    Thanks, guys, for a blessing no goodwill truck can take away.

  32. Dear kids, you are amazing, and I am humbled. But I was reminded of something very important today, give and you will receive. God knows what you did. God knows your hearts. You will be blessed, the Rogers will be blessed. I cannot donate money to them right now, I've reached my max for this payday, but I have donated a few items to an auction that is going to start for them soon. Bless you all, and please don't be sad. You will probably never know how your handmade items are going to bless many, many others, but I know they will. Everything happens for a reason. That I am sure of.

  33. Wow, what an amazing family! I'm sure they are SO proud of their kids. And I agree, that El Roi, our God Who Sees, saw your beautiful offering and is very pleased.

  34. God bless you Adamson kids... You are doing Jesus' work. He sees what you are doing for Bernadette and Mason and sees your persistence and it will not go without reward.

  35. Adamson Kids! You guys rock!! You are showing the world the heart of God! God himself will move those mountains and fulfil your hearts' desire for the Rogers family to be fully funded to bring Bernadette & Mason home... Keep up the amazing work!


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