Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tears In My Eyes

Ever since we first crossed the ocean, 
walked through the gates that held our son inside, 
saw the things that we saw, 
...ever since then....

we have been stuck in scream mode.

Some days I feel like I am going to go hoarse.

Other days I feel like I have become a broken, unwanted record.

And most days I just want to cry.

It is never-ending.

And exhausting.

Yet I can't stop.

Because even while screaming and crying - God sends reminders that what we are doing matters. 

It matters.

It mattered a year ago when the Ferrone family crossed the ocean and walked into the laying down room of their Victoria.

Catherine e-mailed me the day they met her.  She was in terrible condition and they were terrified.   They were handed a little girl who was broken and seemingly beyond repair.  They crossed the ocean for THIS???  An emaciated stick of a child whose future looked utterly bleak.  If she even lived long enough to make it home. They were told by her caretakers to walk away.  Leave her to die.  Pick a better child.  

They despaired.

They wept.  They cried.  

I sat here in Virginia after receiving the e-mails from Catherine and just cried in agony for a little girl who had lost so much.  I cried for her family who were in grief and despair at the condition she was in.  I cried as I prayed and begged God to spare her life.

He did.

They took her home.

And each time I read Catherine's blog - each time I see her pictures - I get tears in my eyes.  Sometimes I outright bawl and yesterday was the outright bawl day.

Victoria's story.  A story that EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS TO READ!!

And ponder.

Sometimes I want to quit screaming and yelling but then God sends reminders that what we are doing matters.

One of our Mulligan Stew babes.  

His mom is across the ocean and working this week to gather ALL FIVE OF THEIR BABES.  His daddy over here just brimming over with joy as each one is carried out.  



All the tears.  All the fundraising.  All the paperchasing.  

They are free.

Yesterday I gave you the opportunity to help two families rescue two girls.

Some of you responded and I thank you with all my heart.

THE SPITZ'S RECEIVED ENOUGH TO MEET THEIR 1,000 MATCHING GRANT!!  They just need $785.00 to be fully funded.  Fully funded to them means the bare minimum to be honest.  They are going to be eating a lot of peanut butter crackers for lunch!!  But they don't care.  

Their little girl has been fighting to stay alive ever since she was born.

Only a little longer baby girl and Mama is going to carry you out of there forever!!  Hang on!  Breathe.  Breathe.  Only a little longer.

Another little baby girl is waiting.  Laying in her crib.  "INSTITUTION" stamped on her file.  But she has HOPE.  A family is THERE wanting to adopt her.  The only barrier is money.  Money.

The Jobes (who are meeting Josiah today) received $736.00 in donations yesterday for that baby girl.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  That is a start.

They need a little over $9,000.00 more.

I write this with tears in my eyes.  I don't want to beg.  But I can't walk away either.  A child's life hangs in the balance.  A future.  A hope.

Please consider helping.  

Look at Keith in his Mama's arms.

What we are doing matters so very much.  We can't save them all but we can save one... then one more... and then one more after that....



  1. Don't ever stop yelling, Julia! We are listening, and God is using you.

  2. Please keep yelling...I'm praying for veils to be lifted and for everyone to really SEE.

  3. Don't give up. Let us show love to the world!

  4. I agree with all the above comments! You inspire me!


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