Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip to DC

The little Rock Star and I are off to DC this morning.

We are going to be seeing a whole host of Reece's Rainbow family at the Down Syndrome Convention.  Aaron and I will be at the booth so stop on by if you happen to be in town!!  

In light of this....

I'm going to be taking a much-needed blogging break.  


You are going to have to wait until I return to hear about why Rob and I and several hundred other people were cheering and crying last night!  Yep.  You will have to wait.


Because I am such a NICE person....

 I'll give you one hint...



He's a Rock Star!


WOW~~ The Spitz's are almost fully funded. WOW~~~



The Jobes still need MAJOR HELP.  Their opportunity to rescue a 2nd child hinges on funding. 

I think they received less than $100.00 yesterday... 

 Please consider helping.  They need around $9,000.00

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