Sunday, July 8, 2012

You Just Can't NOT Shout

When you are across the ocean adopting your child....

And you see all the other children who are just as desperately needy as yours...

There is NO WAY you can remove from your heart or your mind those whom you are leaving behind.

It is especially hard when they come up to you and climb in your lap and beg you to be their Mama and Papa.

It is especially hard when you see them and watch them and KNOW that they would light up someone's life.  

Nicole is dying a little bit inside each day as she waits out the time until she gets to take Taylor home.   

She has encountered two little boys.


Two precious treasures who have totally and completely stolen her heart.

It is so hard knowing that she can't adopt them but hating to leave them behind.

So everyday she has been yelling.  And screaming.  And begging.  For SOMEONE to go get them.  


  Photo: This young man's smile is a ray of sunshine. His giggle is infectious. He is a good helper at the children's home with his teachers and fellow classmates. He is the man of the house and takes responsibility for others without complaining. He does not let his role go to his head and become arrogant and proud. If he does get upset which is not often he can be easily redirected. He plays very well with all the other classmates and listens to his teachers. Whenever we see him we are greeted by him running to us with a BIG smile and a wave. He showed very clear signs of attaching to a mother and a father. He loves older children (teenagers) and just longs to belong to a family and have that attachment and affection.

We often see him at the fence at school when other kids his age and older passing by on the trail behind his play area in their karate uniforms and his whole world just stops as he stares and watches them run off with their instructors. Just breaks your heart. This young man I believe would flourish in a loving family and would bring so much joy and laughter into it!

The school staff stated that he is a very good boy and does not cause trouble and they are very proud of him because he is such a BIG helper with the little ones.

Would someone here please SEE these boys!!!

They want families so badly! 

Two precious treasures.  

Both desperately longing for a Mama.

They can be adopted together or separately.  


  1. Yay for "my" sweet Lance!!! Thanks for posting about him again- I keep sharing him on FB just hoping that somebody, somewhere will see his sweet face & know that he is JUST the right boy for their family.

  2. Oh, my word. They are adorable.

  3. Sweet Lance, he caught my heart the first time I saw him on RR! I hope he gets his wish for a mama and papa soon!!

  4. Julia! I'm in LOVE! Question - Are these children considered "special needs" and can you get subsidy when you adopt them like we do for adopting Josh, who has Down syndrome? Not sure if you know or not. Thanks! I've already prayed about these two...and told God I'd take them if He wants us to. He just needs to get my husband on board. ;o)

  5. Oh I remember these two! They are at the same orphanage as Camille. Do you think your friend knows anything new about her? I was her warrior until RR switched forums and I lost track of everything. I continue to pray for all the little ones at #9!


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