Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Bows


Dressed up oh so pretty but not because they are going out on a date with their Papa.  Not because they are performing in their first piano recital.  Not for church.  Not for Easter.  Not for a wedding.  Not even for a funeral.

They are dressed up so their pictures can be placed in their files.  

Taped beside their medical information and past family history.

This is their adoption picture.

In hopes that someone, somewhere will see them and will WANT THEM.

So the caretakers dressed them up pretty and placed beautiful bows in their hair because in their country beautiful bows signify a special child.

And when the picture is finished...

The bows are removed.  Put in a box.

And the dresses are taken off and put away.

And the pretty little girls are put back in their orphanage clothes and taken by hand back to their groups, back to their rooms, back to their Mamaless and Papaless worlds.

To sit out their days in hopes that someone, somewhere will see their picture...


My friend Marcie McEarchen met all three of these girls.  They are precious and beautiful and worthy of families.  They all three are HIV+ but PLEASE, PLEASE don't be afraid of that diagnosis.  They have so much potential.  So much life.  So much.

Please share about these girls.  If you do, Marcie is giving away a necklace.  No money involved although ALL THREE COULD DESPERATELY USE SOME HELP FINANCIALLY.  Just share about these girls.  Help someone, somewhere SEE them.  They all three are from the same internat and can be adopted together or separately.  

Britta - $60.00                              Celeste - $30.00

Naomi $100.50

Three little girls.  

With beautiful bows or without - all three PRECIOUS TREASURES!!


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