Saturday, August 4, 2012

Computer Woes

Whoever sent a couple dozen Trojans so that I would come close to a nervous breakdown yesterday did an amazing job. 

But my dear husband is a fighter and he was able to ward them off temporarily so that files were saved and all was not lost!!

But after the massive attack my outdated and tired computer experienced.. it has been decided that despite ridding the land of those nasty beasts.. my computer doesn't want to fight anymore.

So I am saying goodbye to my trusty desktop that has faithfully served me for many years (built by Rob's own hands) and I am ...gag...gag... gag... BUYING A LAPTOP!! 

woman crying by her computer


Never fear though....

 My husband promised me that when I sit at my desk I can still use my nice keyboard and I can still use my old monitor so all is not lost...

And now I will no longer have to borrow Ben or Elijah's computer when I  go on business trips....

Maybe it isn't such a huge loss...

Except to our bank account!!



  1. Ugh. We need to buy another, too. We've been putting it off for awhile, but now, Eli is doing more and more of his schoolwork on the computer. It's time for us to have a second one. Not looking forward to the expense...

  2. Have you heard any updates from the Browns who brought home Sophia, Rossen and Amelia? I esp. was concerned about Amelia as her health was so critical and she went straight to the hospital.

  3. GOOD NEWS!! Buy this weekend for tax free bonus in VA!

  4. yeah it's not so bad... except for the bank account

  5. Just don't get a mac! I would get something with a terabyte of memory and 16 gigabytes of RAM, it would serve you well!

  6. You need to switch completely to your iPad... ;)

    Miss you and your littlest man!!


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